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video games

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Started: 12/7/2013 Category: Games
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video games are good for they genY of today


I'll take the challenge, but I'm not sure what your argument is here, but I'm assuming you mean that the video games of this generation are better than ones of previous generations.

Can you please make the topic more clear?
Debate Round No. 1


gaming is a good activity especially if you are bored and need to do something which actually is fun and connects you with people around the world.


Instigator's argument is that gaming is a good activity when one is bored and is actually "fun" and connects you with others around the world.

Problems with Instigator's argument:

Instigator states gaming is a "good activity." I am not sure what the Instigator means by "good activity". Does he mean healthy? Does he mean something else? Instigator must polish this argument to be more valid.

POINT 1: What does good activity mean? It is not defined and seems like an opinion.

The word fun is subjective. One may find reseaching paper more fun than video games. One may find board games more fun than video games.

POINT 2: Video games are not "fun" for everybody. There are some who dislike video games, because "fun" is a subjective term.

Next, Instigator points our that it connects you to people around the world. However, that can only be true for multiplayer games or games with a large community.

POINT 3: Gaming can only connect you to others only if you have certain games and internet access.

I await future arguments from Instigator.
Debate Round No. 2


abhishek_sniper forfeited this round.


As Instigator has forfeited once again, I will give my argument.

Though video games are an activity to pass the time, there are some other alternatives.

The one I'll mainly be using is sports. Sports do what Instigator said about video games and more.

- Sports can be considered fun, and can be effectively used to pass the time.
- Playing sports can lead you to meet new people.

But there's a big difference between sports and video games. Though I can't say anything about either being more enjoyable over another, Playing sports will lead you to bond stronger with new people. Since you meet them in person, you will be able to hold more relations with them and trust them more, versus a person you barely know and trust that you met through the internet and don't even know what they look like.

Also, video games may bring you towards new people, they aren't always the most pleasant people to be around, especially ones from hyper-competitive games (Specifically, Multiplayer Online Battle Arenas, or MOBAs) will flame others around them and negatively effect their experience.

Playing sports also makes the "players" healthier. Sports consist of physical activity, meaning that, opposed to sitting on the couch, they will be active and benefiting their bodies.

Those are my arguments, and hopefully you will take them into consideration.
Debate Round No. 3
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Posted by ScrinTech 4 years ago
@Xenofloppy Gj
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