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vivarianial partisaints should give up in the only genome.

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Started: 8/21/2012 Category: Sports
Updated: 5 years ago Status: Post Voting Period
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First to say: SLUG IT DOWN STUPID. har har. I like to begine all of these with a good oil laugh.

So, in the stance that there is naught the, and there is by the, I hope that the semantics of the situation will passerby. Givin the current stance on distant cousins of uours uttering partisaitns like there is nothing to it, I would like to disagree. There are three (three) people (humans, usually dead) who know the locks and keys of the univers, but it is not thee is thee. I hope to check it all out, but outing you is no different that debating. R

Rules for debate:
1. Only as the wind blows, the brewing face may fade (socrates, 87:83)
2. I no talk
3. There is only one question to the discuss of us
5. I hope the only wish could be
4. Fire is fire, do not kill


I accept this debate.
I guess I should start with a good oil laugh, I'll be using coconut oil, sense baby oil give a rash.

State your arrangement's with out talking as per rule 2.
Debate Round No. 1


I do not appreciate that you would make not serious comment.

Debate begin!

The stating of the scientific science it scented with colors of rainbow mesh

The reasons you wronged:
1. You mind small
2 I am a genious
2 Yes
3 Aristotile reccomeds


There is no vivarianial partisaints, therefore they can not and do not have the only genome. Actually there are many genomes there is not only one. We all have many of them in our dna known as the 'human genome'.
Debate Round No. 2


you have the do? Which I supper if I day. The way of explaining the reccomend is giving today:

44,66,55 billion thousaint drillion is not the day way. I have the only expo in cold war 10 which we shot bombs. "Hum Ho" and as you woulds say "Garden gnome" was not the amplifier, big big fat tortiese. Though there is a laugh in the luck, I hope you would say the way today, of the way today, of today, of the way, of say, say I say I say, try to lay, scay is no match for they, hey, bumbay, shay, lay, day, watodyay.

The only answer is in the 2010 release date of greater reaserche (A film by donald the sterling) and not the way say day shay lak bumbay so on and so forth. (and I would like to say that this scientific hypothises was not concieved until the early ganuary. tay lay may stay. blay. I gave a note to the princible and the utmost importantist was good. The genome is not applicable. Picture:



If i can just get threw this debate that would be nice.

This is for you to understand what a Genome is.
This is also for you to understand that we all have them.
Garden gnomes have nothing to do with the title of this debate.
Debate Round No. 3


There is oprah, though friends are simple as good can do. Genome is not a answer I hoped but you may be smarter that thought my smart sweet, givin it all. Knome and Genome and Gnome all have meanings pop of ular, givin it all my friend. The directorial current in the genome is not which I hoped for.

REBUTT-all 1

Video is not a metaphor, not acceptable

REBUTT-all 2

Didn't this font of currnt hypothises

REBUTT-all 3

Ir est my case


vivarianial partisaints should give up in the only genome.
You said you could state your case without talking... You have not done that.
You don't know what a Genome is, you have showed that. That also means you can't debate this topic.
If i get nothing at least I will get spelling and grammar, although I did misspell a few words. I am worried no one will even look at this debate.
Debate Round No. 4
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Reasons for voting decision: Pro was debating a Troll debate and didnt even have a little fun... WHY SO SERIOUS! but Grammar Arguements and sources all go to Pro