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western museums should agree to requests to repatriate cultural artefacts

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Started: 1/3/2012 Category: Arts
Updated: 6 years ago Status: Post Voting Period
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First round is just for acceptance and definitions.
If you want to get better at debating you have to try and do more than one round. Debating is about rebuttal and defending your arguments which cannot be done in one round.
I'll explain how this will work before I give any definitions.
The second round will be for presenting your arguments and the third round will be for rebuttal and a short case summation. In the third round I would urge you not to bring in new evidence or points.
museum: a building in which objects of historical, scientific, artistic, or cultural interest are stored and exhibited.
repatriate:send something back to it's country of origin.
artefacts:an object made by a human being, typically an item of cultural or historical interest.
If you chose to accept this debate, which I hope you will, and I haven't explained anything properly put it in the comments section and I'll adjust it.


I accept the debate.. I'm not sure that I could win or not, but I'll try..
Debate Round No. 1


Museums are here so we can learn about cultures other than our own and how these cultures have engaged. To send fabulous collections to the country they were made in might seem like a nice thing to do but for reasons of education,
source competition and international relations our museums should stay as they are. We learn about wars, historical society, and technological advances simply by hearing the story of a vase from the East. We learn about how different cultures clashed or merged to create the new world we see around us today. It's this cultural understanding that is so important in Western societies because most Western countries are now home to people from all over the world and stigma is a major problem. If we only show Western history then we promote western supremacist ideals because we only show one side of the story. History is about the interactions of societies and if we don't portray this in our museums we threaten to further marginalize those who have emigrated to our western countries by not displaying their cultures historical value beside our own. By keeping our museums diverse we show our respect for other cultures which western societies have a reputation for harming. We show that we are proud of the diversities within our countries and encourage better relations with other countries and cultures. Our museums are a dying art with the Internet muscling it's way in but they are still of valuable information and learning. Artefacts form old eras in countries far away have a special charm to them. People like them and they can get as close as possible to them in museums. They entice a lot of people to come and visit museums and to explore the different cultures. By keeping our museums diverse, we keep them open, show our pride of our national diversity and promote cultural understanding improving international relations. By making our museums culturally homogeneous we promote segregation and marginalize cultures which is dangerous in our society.


I thank Fluer for this debate.


I think western museums should agree to requests to repatriate cultural artefacts

First of all, we have more cultural values when we have ours than others. Even if western museums show that they are proud of the diversities within their countries, our love for our cultural assets is different. Also, in educational point, I want to ask Fluer that what is more effective.
1. Western country have our cultural artefacts and teaches citizen about it by themselves.
2. Eastern country get back their own assets and study deeply and teach to western countries.
I think second one is more effective than first one. Western countries cannot know perfectly about our culture. We should learn our culture more with our cultural artefact's and tell it to other country. If we do so, western people can know direct information about eastern country. It is good for both side.

Secondly, I think disagree to requests to repatriate cultural artefacts is harmful to national relationship. We think exhibit our assets in museum is purpose of earning money. We learned in elementary school that it is our assignment to get our cultural artefacts back. In future, if western countries still do not approve the request, there maybe war to get those artefacts. Nowadays, our military power is weaker than western countries. However, if eastern countries unite with anger, there will be end of peace, and start of World War III

Finally, I want to talk about tourism. We go to western countries to learn western countries' unique culture, not our culture. If western countries exhibit eastern countries' cultural assets, it decrease eastern countries' tourists. Also, if western museums exhibits eastern countries' cultural artefacts and teach citizen about it, western country will lost their wonderful culture.

In brief, I think western countries should accept the requests to get our cultural assets back. I urge you to vote pro.
Debate Round No. 2


We tend to collaborate with experts (sometimes indigenous to the culture of the artefact) because we want to display the most accurate information. This point also falls due to the fact that these artefacts are historical, usually from over a century ago, and cultures evolve. So you cannot simply say that the native country will understand the artefact better than any other country because the culture is likely to have changed a considerable amount. Therefore they can probably do no better than anyone from a western culture. It is this collaboration and joint efforts between countries that is beneficial because it shows everyone is willing to move on from our past differences.
On your international relations point, earning money is just a by-product that allows us to keep our museums open so that we can display eastern and western cultures standing together which displays peace far better giving artefacts away because there would be a chance for more information about the artefact that we no longer have to display. No country is going to start a world war over an artefact and the west done a fine job of bombarding Libya so we are not that weak.
On your tourism point, most tourists go to a country to see it's modern day artefacts and culture but even if they did go too to the museum they would still find many western artefacts to enjoy. As I have said before Western countries are home to many cultures now and we should embrace them all. Cultures evolve and ours is changing rapidly giving rise to stigma and other crimes giving us more of an incentive to support other cultures and I see no reason why we will loose our own historical cultures. This is about cultures standing together not getting torn apart.
Because cultural understanding is important in our changing society, because history cannot be portrayed from one side, because our museums are so important we should allow both cultures to be displayed together this motion should fall.
Thank you.
Vote Con.


I read well about Fluer's argument.

I think even if a country studied a lot about eastern country, it is not better than its own country. For example, in my country, Korea, learn more about Korean history than world history. We just learn little bit about each countries and large amount about our history. We learn about our history in elementary school so knowledge is deeper than any other country. Also, if a country has a lot of artefacts from many other countries, it is hard to know each country's history. Every country has its own unique culture, and it is our assignment to learn more about our history with our artefacts and tell it to all over the world.

I want to emphasize that world is one. I know that western country is not weak, then, diplomacy will be worse. Western country may think it is better to eastern country to not give assets back, but the fact is that we do not think so. Our country sends diplomats to western country steady to get our cultural artefacts, and if we fail, citizens are full of anger.

In tourism point, if diplomacy be worse, there will be just little people to go western country and consume our money.
It is time to decide whether or not returning artefacts to own country is good or bad. To say again, we should get our assets because of education, peace and tourism.

Thank you for reading my argument and I encourage you to vote pro.
Have a nice day.

To voters..
Sorry but I didn't learned a lot about grammar in Korea. There will be a lot of grammar mistakes..
but I really urge you to vote pro :-)
Debate Round No. 3
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Posted by Fluer 6 years ago
Even though only the second round was meant for rebuttal I don't have much of a problem as long as you don't provide any more points in your next argument and provide a case summary.
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