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who would win naruto (pro)or sasuke(con)

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Started: 8/13/2014 Category: TV
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Round 1 acceptance
Round 234 argument etc
Round 5 conclusion

Please note that we are going it by the newest manga. There will be alot of spoilers.
Thank u


Sasuke is badass, I accept your challenge.
Debate Round No. 1


1) naruto can chop off kaguya hands easily...... And she's the best
Villian So far... if He can beat the mother of chakra, it means He like god....
2) sasuke have only rinnegan And the powers are limited...
I don't think that ems or sasuno will help him much as the new rasengans recently are So good. Susano can be broken And it's likely to break by the rasengans..
I think I won't say anymore because those two points are enough to prove that naruto is much stronger than sasuke....


Pro claims that Sasuke's ocular powers are "limited" and his Susanoo would be broken by Rasengan. Kaguya has not yet been defeated, so we don't know yet that he is "like God". Mind you, that's quite an exaggeration. You might not agree, but I don't think it's likely that Sasuke would not have to use Susanoo, unless Naruto uses large long-range attacks. With his Eternal Mangekyou Sharingan, gifted to him by his older brother Itachi and his rinnegan gifted to him by the Sage of the Six Paths, Sasuke is able to predict attacks and prevent him with his newly-enhanced ocular powers. For example, in the battle with Madara in his Sage form, we discover that Sasuke is able to see Madara's shadows which indicate where he is and where he was to help him predict where Madara will move. He can also keep track of his opponents so shadow clones would be almost useless in tricking Sasuke. You can read it it in the Infinite Tsukuyomi arc of the manga (It got me excited). You should also consider Naruto having only mastered two jutsus and one fighting style- Shadow Clone, Rasengan and Frog Kata. Sasuke on the other hand, is capable of:

  • Genjutsu- illusions such as izanami and izanagi; I believe there is a possibility that Sasuke can even be capable of hypnosis.
  • Ninjutsu- Fire Style attacks (Amaterasu being the most powerful) and Lightning Style attacks, such as Chidori, which he improved by changing its chakra shape.
  • Taijutsu- Sasuke can copy people's styles, such as Rock Lee's Leaf Style, in a shorter period of time than any other shinobi could train in. By understanding Naruto's taijutsu, attacks would be easier to predict.
If I list Sasuke's impressive feats, they would outweigh Naruto's. But, they have no relevance to their strength considering how powerful the two have become. Though, Sasuke did cut Madara IN HALF.

Sorry, Pro. You'll need to do more to convince me.
Debate Round No. 2


1) sasuke ocular power might not be limited, that have not been stated however it is shown that the power takes time to recharge in order to use it again. He might just use it And while recharging get beaten by naruto.
2)I don't think taijutsu will be used in the fight really, even if they use it,I don't think sasuke can beat him due to the fact that He only copies power ,not overpowering them. Hence, taijutsu won't do any good.
3)I don't think that it have been shown of any new chidori, only stronger by abit. However naruto uses strength from the tail beast And combined with rasengan. Even If sasukes chidori improved that much, I assume it will not be stronger , I'm not saying it's impossible , But it's unlikely. Being on the same level might be possible and even So it will just be a repeat What happened at the end of their kids part...
4) it's not really relevant But why would the they make sasuke stronger than maturity since his the main character.
5) this night not be entirely true. But it circulates around that naruto will soon get earth style, earth counters fire And hence fire style And amertarasu.
I would say it might not have a winner if they fight. Since they counter each other.
I have clarify some of your points con. What's next


Sasuke's ocular power

Actually, a few of his most powerful attacks do not require a lot of Sasuke's chakra, such as Kirin. Kirin is a lightning-style jutsu, used by Amataresu, which causes cloudiness and rain. This jutsu was shown in Sasuke's battle against Itachi. Zetsu stated that Kirin can hit an opponent in 1/10000000 of a second, though it can only be used once per battle due to the sky being completely cleared after using the jutsu. This means that having to recharge might not necessarily be a problem for Sasuke, except maybe in a later stage in the fight. Though, with Sasuke's good judgement and tactical skills, he might be the one wearing Naruto out.

Sharingan and Taijutsu

While there is a chance that neither of them will use taijutsu in the beginning of the fight, Sasuke would most likely stop the fight from going any further if taijutsu is used. Even, if he only copies fighting styles, it doesn't mean it won't be as good as the original.

Chidori vs Rasengan

Sasuke can manipulate his chidori into other forms, making them more utile for different situations.
  • Kirin- Extremely fast and penetrative, ideal for breaking armour.
  • Senbon- Taking out multiple targets at once.
  • Spear- Sasuke can manipulate chidori into the shape of a spear which can extend pretty far away, this is useful for stabbing the target from far away.
  • Current- Sasuke can channel electricity through his body and around him, taking Naruto by surprise.
  • Yin Release- Making Sasuke's chidori unbelievably powerful- so powerful, in fact, that he was able to combat Madara in his 10-tails form and cutting Madara in half!

While I agree that Rasengan is stronger than most of Sasuke's lightning-based attacks, except Kirin- no question- they are not fast enough to hit Sasuke before he can dodge it. Naruto would have to get really close and catch Sasuke off-guard, which I highly doubt would happen given his understanding of Naruto's rasengan, and his intelligence.

Pro's fourth point

I don't understand what your point is, soz

Chakra nature

Earth beats fire, but lightning beats earth.

Debate Round No. 3


4) I meant to say naruto not maturity.. auto correct damnnn it
1)naruto main element is wind And guess What it wins lighting..
However Kirin may be too fast though.. buy keep in mind that He have wind, maybe He will have a wind shield? who knows....
2)The spear And be dodged... btw.
3)We have no idea if zetsu is exaggerating anot.
4)Senbon won't really help If naruto have So many clones
5)Current won't affect naruto as long as He have his wind ready...
6)The gift for naruto is way better than the gift for sasuke...


Wind and Lightning

Actually one of these elements makes the other stronger, it probably would be wise if they avoided colliding with lightning and wind because, like you said, it would end up like the battle in The Final Valley of the Sasuke Rescue arc, which Sasuke won. If Naruto's Rasengan is stronger, however Naruto would probably overpower Sasuke, but I believe Sasuke would have good-sense to avoid using lightning against rasengan. On the other hand, Kirin's power would be magnified by Naruto's rasengan and would probably take him down a notch, though Naruto would probably avoid Kirin instead (A difficult thing to do considering how fast the attack is). Like I said before, if he used a wind shield it would probably only make the attack more damaging.


    • The Chidori Spear would be effective enough if it were used to surprise Naruto; it was fast enough to pierce Danzo and bisect Madara in his jinchuriki form.

    • Kirin is basically lightning but stronger, way stronger. Even if Zetsu was exaggerating, lightning is pretty fast.

    • With Yin Release, the scale of Chidori Senbon would be enough to decimate, if not completely remove Naruto's clones.

    • Chidori Current is pretty fast and he can channel it through the ground. If Naruto were to approach Sasuke on foot, the current would stop Naruto in his tracks. If Naruto were to attack him from above, a simple dodge would do.

Debate Round No. 4


sewlohh forfeited this round.


Shqiptar forfeited this round.
Debate Round No. 5
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Posted by sewlohh 3 years ago
This is crap
Posted by Vexorator 3 years ago
Round 234. That's a lot of damn rounds.
Posted by superbowl9 3 years ago

That's more what I was talking about.

I jope to god Naruto has not become that.
Posted by sewlohh 3 years ago
Close enough to the manga.
Posted by sewlohh 3 years ago
Close enough to the manga.
Posted by sewlohh 3 years ago
Close enough to the manga.
Posted by superbowl9 3 years ago
Maybe Sasuke would unleash a super-powerful new technique that has no effect on Naruto, then monologue about fear and bravery and beat Naruto with a regular punch to the face. You just never know how bad the writers might get...
Posted by sewlohh 3 years ago
Sigh... if it was anime. It would definitely be naruto....
Posted by superbowl9 3 years ago
I was about to accept this as I'm just finishing shippuden, and then I see "manga". {67;{81;A281;
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