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why basketball is better then baseball

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Started: 2/28/2012 Category: Sports
Updated: 6 years ago Status: Post Voting Period
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basketball is better then baseball


The Pro is arguing that Basketbal is better than Baseball, I make it my BOP to show that baseball is at least equal to the sport of Basketball, or greater than Basketball if possible.

Other than that I await the Pro's opening arguments

Debate Round No. 1


miss.lilmama forfeited this round.


Pro has forfeited her second round, and im guessing she will do the same in round 3, however I still have my BOP to fill about why Baseball is at least equal to Baseball

1) A single play can change the course of a baseball game more often than a single play could change a basketball game
2) Baseball has perfect games, Basketball does not
3) You can enjoy the outdoors at a baseball game, not a basketball game
4) Walk offs dont happen in Basketball but they happen in Baseball
5) In Baseball the all star games are taken seriously, in Basketball the people for the slam dunk contest are people you probably never even heard of
6) Baseball didnt lockout this year like Basketball did...
7) Baseball is literally an American past time
8) Baseball inspired the Little League World Series, Basketball doesnt have a Little League NBA Finals last I checked
9) Baseball witnessed racial integration earlier than basketball
10) Baseball is appreciated more in Spanish and Latin American countries than Basketball is
11) Baseball has prettier ballparks and dont look like Basketball arenas which just look like Giant Earth Pimples
12) In baseball you can score in many different ways, in Basketball you only got three ways to score
13) In baseball you have designated hitters who literally exist to make Baseball more interesting, basketball doesnt have that
14) In Baseball for a franchise or a team to be good you need more than just two or three star players to do all the work, unlike in Basketball
15) Baseball had one oscar nominated film this year, Moneyball, Basketball didnt have any.
16) In Baseball you can catch a foul ball, cant do that in Basketball
17) In Baseball you can do "the wave"
18) In Baseball if you take steroids, you get punished, Basketball lets people get away with it
19) Youve never heard of people bringing guns to the locker room in Baseball.

And the number one reason Basketball is not better than baseball

20) Rivalries in Baseball are way more legendary, historic, and bitter than those in Basketball
Debate Round No. 2


basketball has cute and fine boys


1) WTF???
2) Im not going to say that baseball has fine cute boys too because im not a horny pedophile
3) The Pro has forfeited all 20 of my reasons of why Baseball is at least as good as basketball
4) Pro only has one reason why basketball is better than baseball...

Vote Con?
Debate Round No. 3
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Posted by xwingdude1 4 years ago
you cant just sit on the lead and wait for the clock to run down you have to pitch the damn ball and let the other person have an even chance at the win that is why baseball is superior to basketball
Posted by Zetsubou 6 years ago
You can post images now?
Posted by 191101568 6 years ago
I agree with miss.lilmama that basketball is better than baseball IN MY OPINION. However, I'm sad that miss.lilmama isn't doing so well in this debate. So, I'm kind of both-both.
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Vote Placed by Zetsubou 6 years ago
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Reasons for voting decision: Conduct, because you called her a horny pedophile. (Credit for making me laugh, really) The other two are self evident.