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why chris brown is better than usher raymond

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Started: 12/13/2011 Category: Entertainment
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I think this will be a great debate. i think chirs brown is way better than usher raymond. he can rap better and sing better.


I'm assuming the first round is for accetance. I hope for a great debate~
Debate Round No. 1


Chris brown has way more songs than usher and he can rap way better than Usher.
Contention 1. Usher sleeps with girls
Usher is a player. Usher has way more disease than lil wayne. Usher gets his girls go home with them and has physical contact with them. They leave unhappy and they have aids because of Usher.

Contention 2.
Chris brown is not a woman beater.
Chris brown didn't beat rihianna if you think he beat her up your crazy. If you think he beat up rihianna then show me evidence about that because Chris didn't beat her up.


Firstly, I shall examine the resolution. The resolution says that Chris Brown is a better human being than Usher, not that Chris Brown is a better artist. So, all I have to do is prove that Usher is a better human being than Chris Brown. So, I do not have to prove who is the better artist but who is the morally best human being. Now I will attack my opponent.

While evidence can be found that Usher raises money in support of AIDs victims, Usher has never confirmed whether or not he has AIDs, so it remains only an unfounded rumor. Since said rumor has not been confirmed, than neither can the idea that he has given AIDs to women. Also, having AIDs or not having AIDs does not contribute to determining one's worth as a person.

However, there are pieces of evidence and police reports that state that Chris Brown did indeed beat artist Rihanna.

Seeing as Chris Brown has been proven guilty of the charges brought to focus by Pro and Usher has been found without fault in my opponents accusations, it can be said that Usher is indeed a better human being.

Debate Round No. 2


babygirl23 forfeited this round.


Extend all arguments.
Debate Round No. 3
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