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why is modern day feminism is about revenge

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Started: 9/10/2015 Category: People
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Over the past decades men has been seen as a sexist being, one who objectifies women's bodies and as a more dominant figure in the long relationship between both genders. Feminism was very much needed in the 1960's, where women received twice less than men on average, and had very little credit for their conquests and were given the value of an object in comparison to men. But since we have come so far, we now have 10 women in the top 50 richest people in the world, in just 55 years of this movement. The gender wage gap has been proven wrong and that the actual study took hours worked on average by both man and women into consideration, and if they were the same, the wages would be similar and not the so called 23 cent difference. I would like to close my initial statement by saying: women complaint so much about men but yet you objectify us too, (by wanting us to look like magic mike), and did you know that the rape sentence ratio from women to men is 1:12 in terms of sentence served?
There is no equality in feminism and that i can assure you.


There are a ton of claims from my opponents, so therefore I have some follow up questions.

1. It is true that men were seen sexist in the hot stage of the feminist movement. However, I see no signs today implying men being sexist. I am a 20 year old woman, I went to school with boys, I have had boyfriends who I think treated me with respect, and I feel like I treated them the same way. I work in an environment with both sexes, and here no one looks at what is between each the legs, we look at what is between the ears. In my 20 year old life never have I been discriminated for being a woman, and never have I seen a man being discriminated for being a man. So I would like to ask what exactly my opponent is referring to when he says 'women complain so much about men", who are these women? Are they women you work with? And also you claim we objectify you, I would like to know what you are referring to there as well.

2. It is true that women are not so far behind men anymore when it comes to wages and wealth. However, consider the fact that there are only 20 women out of a 100 members in the senate. (source: )
and out of 435 members in congress there are just over 100 women (source: Judging from that there are close to 50 per cent of females and males in most societies, shouldn't it be more equal in the places where the laws are made? Also you could consider the fact that there has never been a female US president, ever. Out of 45 male presidents (15 since women were granted the right to vote) there has not been a single female? In my opinion this is a clear sign that we have not won over sexism yet, however this is not men's fault alone - women don't vote for women, we are doing is to ourselves because we don't believe in ourselves. You say we have come so far, that is true - but we are far from the finish line.

4. I went to check your statement '10 out of the 50 richest people are female'. I found this source:

If I counted correctly I see only 7 women, I find that number very low, to be honest. However that is not what I wanna talk about. I noticed something with this list. For almost all the women listed it said for instance 'Christy Walton & family'. The only women who did not have '& family' by their name were divorced or unmarried women. Rich, married women apparently share their wealth with their family, however this was not the case for ANY of the men. Why is that?

5. Women's earnings are 80 per cent compared to men's, I have a very reliable source here:

It is very true that women earn 4/5 of what men do.


I wanna say that regarding your claim that women get leaner punishments for rape, I think that is ridiculous and should be changed. If we wanna have equal responsibility in our society, we should of course pay the same price when we break the rules. However I want to point out to the voters, that my opponent made a lot of claims without support from facts, and when I went to check out these claims I found out that they were exaggerated, and some of them were not true at all. A source I found said the following; "Standardized scores for length of sentence with regard to sex offenses in general showed a mean of 8.42 for men as opposed to 7.92 for women." (source:

My opponent, though unreliable in facts, is right that women get shorter sentences. Though I would like to know if my opponent has considered the possibility that the crimes committed by women are not as severe? Because when you get a sentence for rape, there are multiple factors taken into account when determining how long it should be. For instance, if had several victims or if there was one particular victim who was abused over a longer period of time could make your sentence harsher. Is there a possibility that women don't commit as severe crimes as men do?
Debate Round No. 1


Sorry for the delay. I should have backed my arguments with more evidence so here it goes.

I would like to comment on your first point, women are so focused on saying we men objectify your bodies, on how it should look like that we say we like big butts or boobs but yet you do the same by saying we should all have six pack:
in this study 82% of women prefer fit men who have six pack.

I would now like to comment on your second point but first in your second point you say this "women are not so far behind men anymore when it comes to wages and wealth." but then you say "Women's earnings are 80 per cent compared to men's".

To begin with id like to state that America is not the best example of a modal country, up until recently you discriminated against every ethnic minority that exists and you have had several presidents whose mission is to claim war (George Bush, George W Bush) and now you have a joke running for president (Donald Trump), and for the female president issue i think that will happen very soon. To finish you second point i'd like for you to see that in europe 12 of the leaders are female and many more used to be in power or are in other high end positions,and the counter your point almost every country in europe has had a female president or prime minister(i said almost) and by the way germany which is the most powerful country in europe has a female chancellor,so....

For point number four i'd like to show you all ten of them.
n0 8 Christy Walton
n010 Lilliane Bettencourt
n011 Alice Walton
n022 Jacqueline Mars
n032 Maria Franca Fissolo
n037 Beate Heister
n045 Laurene Powell Jobs
n054 Susanne klatten
n053 Anne Cox Chambers

Although there are seven in the top 50, there are 9 in the top fifties

and to finish your point, christy walton says family because alice walton is probably related to her, just saying. And men do share their fortune with their family, they simply aren't naming their institutions steve jobs and family and he left 19.5 Billion dollars for his widow who barely worked at apple.

Point five your source is 10 months old it can be outdated i have a better one which proves what i said:

I am sorry that i have miscounted some of my facts but so did you. "Rich, married women apparently share their wealth with their family, however this was not the case for ANY of the men", who are you to know what those men do, men have been seen as women's providers for centuries and im pretty sure those men aren't starving their family,wife and children.

As a last counter point to your last point i would like to give you the example of two rape cases, (man and women) and you be the judge of which is more severe, may i point out as well that you didn't give any evidence to support that women commit less violent crimes than men. Here is the case:
and please do tell me how many times bigger is his sentence than hers?

To end my closing round two statement i'd like to thank you for taking part of this debate but i do smell biased on your side.


shoutevenshy forfeited this round.
Debate Round No. 2


I see you were not able to rebuttal my counter points, lets take a look at your home country DENMARK, your parliament is composed by 37% women and you have a female priminister, is this not a sign of already existing equality, two of the countries have more women in parliament compared to men. please tell me the percentages 20 years ago?

I think that feminism is about revenge because their main aim is to promote themselves, although they state that it is pro equality, they are not interested in promoting man rights, only their own. In fact they want to lower mens rights. Please tell me things that you want to do that favor men as well.

The con was very good at countering some of my arguments but she didn't really counter my argument as a whole.

It's ultimately a huge projection party. All the things feminists see wrong in men and the world, are things they carry inside themselves. Remember, it's a movement that thrives on female insecurity and inferiority issues. The women who feel this way, see the whole world from a point of view of feeling deeply inferior as women, and anything that doesn't prove otherwise will seem like an attack on women to them. That's why they see misogyny and chauvinism everywhere - because THEY carry that inside themselves.

It does not aim to, and will never, succeed in its goals. Ever asked a feminist what they'll do when they get what they want? It's funny watching their reaction because they pretty much never thought of that. It's because it's not about the goals. They thrive on the battle itself. That battle IS the goal and always was. Do you really think, that after all stated goals are accomplished, the feminists will fold their arms and say "that's it, we can party and we're not needed anymore". No. They'll just find new reasons to complain - ever more absurd reasons - exactly as is happening now and has been from the beginning.

last two paragraphs were taken from the internet but reflect what i feel here is the link:

Lets take a look at the meaning of equal by women, wages should be the same, no discrimination towards them by men, and the abolishment of patriarchy (just imagine they got what they wanted) look at the benefits they would have that men don't.

1) They would still receive maternity leave and pay. Men don't and some men actually need to stay home helping the baby.
2) They can't shut up about the gender wage gap but they would still have quota's which favor women instead of men for the job.
3) Women are less likely to be called pervs, (which could be considered discrimination against men).
4) Women would still manipulate some men to be their sugar daddies, this mostly happens with women and this could be seen as manipulating men.
5) Women who have same sex experiences or sleep in the same bed as other women aren't classified as gay permanently.
6) Women pay less stamp duty.
7)Insurance is cheaper for women.
8) When women go to restaurants and nightclubs they usually get priority over men.

Would women change these things as well, i don't think so. This isn't about equality its about making them the stronger sex. You can see that most feminists talk about the USA when they should be really be talking about equality issues which directly affect them.


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Debate Round No. 3


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Debate Round No. 4


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Debate Round No. 5
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Posted by nikorata2 2 years ago
didn't know that, i am not a misogynist but i will be sure to win
Posted by Mnotter 2 years ago
The con 'shoutevenshy' seems to take topics similar or related to feminism and then copy and paste the same response and points for each one, showing she is not a credible debater, she obviously has a agenda for choosing these topics consistently
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