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why is the govt spending so much money

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Started: 7/18/2013 Category: Politics
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Why is the govt increasing the nations debt by spending so much money.
Please explain why this is.


Its a combination of a couple things but I think most people can agree that the reason the government is spending so much and causing the debt is so high can be because of the following:

1) Massive spending on the new War on Terror combined with the untimely worldwide depression caused the government to be put into a squeeze since they could no longer fund the massive amounts of spending by taxing people since such taxes would only worsen the effects of the depression....

2) Since taxation can only fund so much, the only other tactic the government can use to lower spending is to make cuts to certain programs. But with such a divided Congress, its impossible for anyone to agree to cut anything, which is why spending remains so high.

3) Economic Stimulus's from the last 2 presidents meant to jump start the economy at the expense of the national debt fell flat on its a**, had little effect on the economy at all, and only raised the national debt to horrendously high levels.

4) Rather then try to put together an effort to significantly reduce spending, administrations just blame the one before them for being so fiscally irresponsible and then proceed on doing nothing very significant to try to reduce the debt.
Debate Round No. 1


I see this as in points that Obama is just increasing the national debt by millions of dollars, I also think that the nations bills/laws should be brought into proportion that most of them make the U.S.A lose more money then we have to. The reason I chose this topic is not to see people make a joke of me (I know your not) but instead bring up a national crisis.
I feel that if we would lower spending cost we could be out of debt, I can also ratify that not all people like Obama Point proven before. As I feel that I would also feel if u can in-depth explain your rebuttal just a little more Imabench and
Thank you for your time.
sincerely Dragon_slayer489


Seeing as how this wasnt really a debate and more of a conversation, I ask voters to simply make this a tie
Debate Round No. 2
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Posted by Bannanawamajama 5 years ago
I don't really think this is a good topic for a full debate, but I'll try to provide a small answer to your question at least. We spend so much money because we have taken on too many obligations over the years. Some of the biggest financial drains we have recently had on the Government have been a VERY extended war, Social Security, and taxation.

We decided to go to war against Terror, which is a noble sentiment, but ultimately kind of impossible to ever say we are "done". We killed Osama bin Laden but still the Taliban lives on, and there will always be some other group who tries to hurt us. At the same time we can't just give up on the war Cold Turkey or else the Middle East will descent back into chaos once we pull out.

Social Security is a massive drain of money because people live much longer than they did when the program was made up. But you can't just stop social security because millions of people are paying into it right now and it would be unfair for them to just lose all those savings.

We lowered taxes, which is a good thing for the economy, but bad when you realized we already had planned out how we were going to spend that money. Government was expecting a paycheck of billions of dollars, but after we had bought stuff on credit we realized we only got a fraction of that, so now we're in debt.

Individually none of these things are that terrible, but together they add up significantly, but the problem is none of them are things we can just put an end to just like that. We are trapped by obligations we made without thinking through the long term consequences.
Posted by Ragnar 5 years ago
Probably best to have this in the forums, instead of as a debate topic.
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Reasons for voting decision: Not an actual resolution to be supported (plus I agree with pro in asking for it to be tied, since this was a conversation instead of a debate).