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will Indian defense be able to stand out if China breaks out a war?

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Started: 9/5/2013 Category: News
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Yes, definitely they would be able to because India has got great ammunition, although they don't show it up like China, they can do it. Indian weapons are sophisticated but the army isn't too desperate to go on and show it off to rest of the world. What Indian defense needs is just a command from the officials.


A warm greeting to my fellow opponent and I hope this shall be a great debate.
I believe that if China breaks out war against India, the Indian defence would not be able to stand out.
Let me present to you some numbers and facts associated with them in order to clarify my view.

Number of regular army men

China 16 lakh + Reserve forces 8 lakh + PAP 660000 = 3060000 total

India 1325000 + Reserve forces 18 lakh + territorial army = 37 lakh plus total.

China Tanks 7500, Artillery guns 20000, Helicopters 400, armoured vehicles 7500 +

India Tanks 5000, Artillery guns 19800, Helicopters 500, armoured vehicles number not known

Surface to Air Missiles

China 210000 - India 190000

Besides these China has deployed around 1800 ballistic missiles some of which have nuclear warheads. (Range between 280-350 kemps up to 13000 kemps).

On the other hand India has over 1700 missiles belonging to the Prithvi, Agni and Brahmos supersonic Cruise missile category (range between 150 kms upto 5500 kms). Besides these India has also developed a land based missile named Shaurya (range upto 2200 kms) and its submarine based version named Sagarika, both of which are supposed to be in service shortly or might have already been inducted.

The part where India really lags behind China in terms of numbers is the number of aircraft possessed by their airforces and the vessels operated by their respective navies.

China has over 2000 fighter and bomber aircrafts belonging to categories such as Jian, Jianhong, Chengdu, Hong 6, Qiang 5, FC-17, Suk hoi 27 and Suk hoi 30 MKK. (It has to be noted here that over 60% of these aircrafts are second and third generation aircrafts and a large number of those may not even be combat ready. The Suk hoi 30 MKK aircraft which is the premier fighter craft for China is technologically much inferior compared to the Suk hoi 30 MKI version that Indian Air force operates. Suk hoi 30 MKK can actively engage two targets simultaneously.

India has about 700-800 fighter and bomber aircrafts about 300 belong to the Mg 21 category and 100 to the Mg 27 category. The remaining comprises Mg 29 Air superiority fighters, Mirage 2000 H (being upgraded to M), Jaguar bomber crafts and 98 Suk hoi 30 MKI aircrafts. (Indian air force aircrafts apart from the Mg 21 series are third and fourth generation aircrafts with the Suk hoi 30 MKI being a generation 4.5 aircraft that can actively engage up to 20 different targets simultaneously (8 of them offensively and tracking the remaining) and can also act as a leader aircraft to a squadron of fighter planes. All of these aircrafts are supersonic planes with the Suk hoi 30 MKI being far superior to any other aircraft possessed by the Chinese Air force. Besides these, India also operates over 380 UAV's that can perform various roles including missile attacks and bombings.
Don"t you think India would stand out.
Debate Round No. 1


My dear opponent,these statistics are those which are actually known to us. India has a great amount of weapons and other armours which is unknown to most of us, actually the majority of us. These things are too confidential to be known to us. But let me tell you a fact. Russia has promised India by signing a pact that it would be helping us for continuously 30 years if some war breaks out.
Russia came to help during 1971 also. It was the one giving information to India when the Chinese trespassed the border in 1962 and broke out a war. Russia has promised to share most of their weapons and missiles and even if we don't take their help, we are self-sufficient to defend ourselves. The army is in full enthusiasm and also, we have been developing our military forces.


mindsetter forfeited this round.
Debate Round No. 2


RiyaChettiyar forfeited this round.


mindsetter forfeited this round.
Debate Round No. 3
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Posted by anonymouse 4 years ago
what does China have to gain by invading India? they cant even take taiwan back. remember that the british were the ones who invaded India, but so many Indians today are worshipping them, the very british who turned India from the richest country, into a country of poverty
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