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wind turbines are bad for the enviroment

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Started: 11/15/2016 Category: Miscellaneous
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The consequences for ignoring the real problem here will lead to a disastrous future for mankind, if the renewable energy that we have is halted and replaced with filthy non renewable energy, in years to come, they will regret it because we know now that renewable energy will save earth. Coal oil etc. is destroying the earth, it can"t be re used it is dangerous for our health. But renewable energy can be re used and the emissions coming for this are nowhere near the levels coming from non- renewable energy.
The arguments that are used to support wind turbines causing health risks are that living near wind farms cause health risks such as raised blood pressure, stress, nausea, motion sensitivity and apparently the worst of all sleep deprivation. THIS IN FACT HAS NOT BEEN PROVEN!!!.
Wind turbines are a very efficient way of creating renewable energy, and we can only gain from wind energy.
wind turbines are providing a safe and humane way of producing energy from humans to use.
fracking and coal mines are digging up carbon dioxide and poisonous gases and toxins that are effecting organisms living on this earth , while wind turbines don't.
some claim that wind turbines create unbearable noise while in fact, its just wind and it not harmful at all, (and honestly doesn't make any noise).


Hi I put my debate argument in a google docs here is the link.
Debate Round No. 1


i hope my opponent realises that infra-sound is created when wind blows naturally and the sound made from waterfalls, it doesn't cause health problems, listening to music causes more health problems than wind turbines ever would.

as for the birds, they are birds, i'm not saying they are unimportant, but millions are being born everyday.
and thousands are being killed every year, what about hundreds of thousands of humans being killed every year due to mining collapses and smoke inhalation from coal mines. what about the millions of animals that die from oil spills.
your argument while has facts, doesn't have important facts.
wind turbines save more lives than they destroy, by a long shot.

Link to my second argument
Debate Round No. 2


i'm sorry, i cant agree with your statement,
firstly you have altered your statistics
and secondly you cant ignore the facts that humans are more important than birds and thousands of human deaths are being ended to quickly to the impacts of nonrenewable energy.
i speak at seminars every week discussing the issue that non renewable energy has on the environment, and i still am shocked at how many people don't believe that wind turbines are doing far more good than bad, and that they will protect us from the fate that will soon come if we are to continue with non renewable.
there is roughly 40 years left of oil to use, once that time is up, what do you think future generations will say,
obviously they will say how ignorant and how useless our generation was, in not providing in viable source of energy, which will leave them in a undeveloped world.

Link to my rebuttal and conclusion.
Debate Round No. 3
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Posted by Some_Confused_Kid 1 year ago
Sorry I changed it so that you can view it with the link if you don't wanna go to the link here is my argument.

Why Wind Turbines are bad for the environment.

I wanna thank my opponent for this topic.I will explain why Wind Turbines are bad for the Environment.

Let us start off with Bird deaths.It has been proven that Wind turbines annually kill about 214 thousand to 368 thousand birds[1].
We also have to look for bats.Wind Turbines kill about 600 thousand to 900 thousand bats every year[2].By 2030 the US plans to produce 20% of its energy on wind[3].There is about 49 thousand wind turbines today in the US.That would be six times more Wind turbines then today.If we add more wind turbines it will be killing more birds and animals.

Now let's talk about the health problems for humans.Wind turbines produce a phenomenon called infrasound. Infrasound is low frequency sounds that human ears can"t pick up.But Infrasound can carry out on the atmosphere for thousands of kilometers.[4]

Wind turbine syndrome is a psychosomatic disorder caused by anxiety by heighten awareness from wind turbines.Some of the symptoms caused by Wind turbine syndrome is headaches
sleep problems
night terrors or learning disabilities in children
ringing in the ears (tinnitus)
mood problems (irritability, anxiety)
concentration and memory problem issues with equilibrium, dizziness and nausea [4]

In conclusion wind turbines are causing environmental problems such as deaths by birds,bats,and effects caused by the anxiety living next to a Wind turbine.We need to protect the environment but if we're doing harm by the environment then how are we supposed to protect it.
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