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wmpeebles would make a better President of the United States than StephenPerkins

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Started: 3/16/2012 Category: Politics
Updated: 6 years ago Status: Post Voting Period
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The resolution: wmpeebles would make a better President of the United States than StephenPerkins.

I am wmpeebles, my opponent is StephenPerkins.

For practical purposes, this debate will not be a semantical one. The word 'better' as mentioned in the resolution means "Greater in excellence or higher in quality" and "More advantageous or favorable; improved" [1.]. The word better does not imply getting more things done since sometimes doing nothing is more favorable than doing something.


There will be 5 rounds in this debate. The debate will be formatted so that the first round will be so my opponent can accept the debate, nothing more. Rounds 2-4 will be for arguing for or against the resolution. I will be arguing for the resolution; my opponent will be arguing against it. My opponent will be arguing that he would make a better President of the United States than me. In the final and 5th round, no new arguments are to be made, but rebuttals can still continue. The 5th round is simply a conclusion round.

Since the policies Stephen and I have would affect vote outcome in a real election, this debate will not focus on electability, but will focus on the actual presidency, ie., debaters cannot argue about their opponent's policies being unelectable, but can argue that their policies would be unpopular, detrimental, etc...

Since there is an 8,000 character limit per round, if any participant in this debate wants to extend their arguments beyond 8,000 characters by posting a link to a Google doc or something similar to that, they may do so.

If any participant in the debate forfeits a round, they lose the entire debate. All debaters will have 3 days (72 hours) to post their argument for each round.

Any violation of the rules will result in loss of conduct points in the votes casted by the voters.

Good Luck, Stephen! I hope this debate is worthwhile.


I accept this debate and its rules. I also accept the definitions provided. I ask that any and all sources or facts be cited within this debate.

My thanks to my opponent for creating this debate and best of luck to him!
Debate Round No. 1


"I am the wisest man alive, for I know one thing, and that is that I know nothing." - Socrates

What makes me a better theoretical President of the United States than Stephen Perkins?
Perhaps it is my unique way of looking at things.

Here are my two main long-term goals for improving the nation:

  • Implement a plan to reduce national debt gradually
  • Increase research and funding on biofuels and solar technologies

Research and funding on Biofuels:

When I look at the idea of fuels being created through plant waste, I see the potential of biofuels to eventually provide a much better overall fuel product when factoring in all the processes required to produce gasoline and diesel fuel. I am highly optimistic about the future of this technology because the sky is the limit in not only increasing biofuel production, but in the research itself. I think this can ultimately lead to not only oil independence, but to oil liberation.

This has several benefits to the United States government and the US economy. Oil has a very deep relationship with America. Nearly everything owned by Americans contains some kind of product that is produced from crude oil. Anything plastic is made from oil. Nylon is made from oil just as is many other synthetic fibers [1.]. Aspirin, yes, is made from oil too. And there are a whole lot of other products made from oil as well, especially Gasoline and Diesel fuels. The problem with oil is that it is non-renewable and we have to take oil from countries that practically hate us. The latter has a variety of consequences on its own such as being unable to stabilize gas prices and upsetting countries to the point of going to war with us. Both of these are things that the United States cannot currently control, but the last one is causing large amounts of debt to pile up at an unsustainable rate.

I think biofuels could solve a lot of the nation’s problems, but I never said it is going to do so easily. I recognize the potential problems of biofuels, but I feel the benefits in increasing research and funding on this technology could mitigate these problems and allow the United States to eventually reduce spending on protecting oil reserves in the Middle East, and allow the money that would have been spent on that to pay off the debt. I will explain more in the next round of the debate.

Reducing the national debt:

I think both Stephen and I can agree that national debt is not a good thing, so I will cut to the chase: Tax cuts and free entitlements will be going away under my administration. The reason is simple. All government expenditures must be paid for. If the American people want something like Social Security, they still must ultimately pay for their own retirement through taxes throughout their working life. I think it’s best to let people use their money for their own purposes rather than have the government invest their money into failed projects. Since people in this country have the right to life, the only kind of free program I will provide is healthcare only if your life is in direct danger of ending and you need something like an organ transplant and you have no way of financing it. I think it is wrong to let people die if they don’t have enough money to pay for a necessary surgery.

If America is attacked by terrorists, war is not going to be an option. The main reason is that war is ineffective at solving the problem of terrorism and it costs hundreds of billions of dollars just to kill one terrorist. And when you consider how much power a terrorist really has, it makes no sense to start a war when our military is strong enough to defend against future attacks. I think the solution is to use the military for defense purposes rather than invasive purposes. I think a lot of money could be saved that way.

Some other things I support:

Legalization of Marijuana for recreational use.
Public education reform



Thank you Mr. Peebles for your plan for the country. Allow me to introduce mine.

I believe that I would be a better President of the United States because of my modern and practical sense of looking at our country's biggest issues.

My plan is the 4 Step Plan to a Better America.

Step 1 - A Plan for Debt Reduction

My plan for debt reduction actually starts with an overhaul of the tax system. Under my administration, I would establish a flat tax on individuals, businesses, and manufacturers (It must be noted that I would reduce the manufacturing tax to 0% for 2 years). A flat tax is a way to level the playing field and really make our tax system fair.

The second part of my debt reduction plan is to introduce a new law that would require a balanced budget by law. This would put pressure on Congress to spend only the money we have.

The third part of my debt reduction plan is to reform Social Security. I would establish an opt-out option so citizens can chose to be a part of the Social Security system. Social Security will also be privatized under my administration. Privatizing Social Security into individual investment accounts would boost economic growth by injecting money back into America's failing financial system. Also, by removing the requirement of the federal government to provide retirement benefits reduces the bloated bureaucracy of the US government.

Step 2 - Eliminate Waste In Washington D.C.

I believe this will be the most audacious part of my 4 step program. In this step, we will aim to reduce corruption within the government, shrink the size of our government, and cut waste.

Under this step, the following government divisions will be abolished: The Department of Education, the Department of Energy, the Environmental Protection Agency, and the Federal Reserve.

I would also pay government employees on the same pay scale as private sector employees. A recent Heritage Foundation study found federal workers earn 30-40% more money on average than counterparts in the private sector (

A subsection of decreasing federal employee pay is reducing the amount congressman pay. At the link I put above, you'll also find the startling fact that the median wealth of a U.S. Senator in 2009 was $2.38 million dollars. I find this wrong. Under my administration, I would call for the pay of a member of congress to match the median household income, which, in 2009 was $50,221 This law would also apply to the office of the President.

Step 3 - Government Transparency

This third step is by far the most forward thinking package of programs my administration would introduce. I believe in order for our government to be trusted by the people, we must show them that we are committed to transparency.

This is what my administration's transparent government would look like:
  • Create
  • Post government expenditures above $10,000.
  • Reveal the identity and pay of the top 25 highest paid government workers.
  • Post government contracts and bids in full so citizens can review them.
  • Post the details of meetings, gifts, and travel of government officials.
  • Publish reports done by third party organizations and watch dog groups on the effectiveness of public projects and what they cost.
Step 4 - Government Support of Future Technologies

Unlike Mr. Peebles, I would use government research labs and employees to research alternative energy. However, my plan for alternative energy research is a government subsidized research program that would focus on the following three technologies: Nuclear, solar, and wind power. From the research, we hope to find out how to make each type of alternative energy safe, clean, and cost effective.

In regards to oil, I would open up US shores for oil drilling. This would get us off of our dependency on Middle Eastern countries and prices set by OPEC.

It must be understood though that offshore drilling is a temporary fix and my administration would be committed to a greener America.
Debate Round No. 2


wmpeebles forfeited this round.


StephenPerkins forfeited this round.
Debate Round No. 3


After thinking long and hard, I agree with Stephen on pretty much everything he says here and I concede the debate. I'm not sure I could really prove I would make a better president than him. He is a good man. Perhaps I will be his VP or I'll be the head of the US Department of Energy. There are plenty of areas I am interested in; chemistry being my strongest interest. For Stephen, as long as I have known him, he has wanted to be President one day. We need a responsible leader in office. Sometimes you have to trust others, and I trust Stephen Perkins.


I am greatly honored by what Mr. Peebles has said about me and after this, I would have no regrets in offering him a position in my administration. Mr. Peebles is also am honorable good man. I accept his concession.
Debate Round No. 4


wmpeebles forfeited this round.


StephenPerkins forfeited this round.
Debate Round No. 5
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Oh my gosh. I though the round ended today, not yesterday. I'm so sorry.
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