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writer's debate

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Started: 10/15/2009 Category: Miscellaneous
Updated: 8 years ago Status: Voting Period
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I am impressed with your pioneering spirit starting the writer's debate--new, different, fun, creative, and lots of imagination--I like. I have enjoyed the first one and think you both are doing a great job. Please accept my challenge. I'll let you pick the characters and setting to start if you like. I will be awaiting your reply with anticipation. Thanks :)


I am not yet sure my opponent will be active enough to respond to my debate. I noticed the profile was new. I will re-frain from posting a story in this round, as i am un-sure whether my opponent will get back to this debate or not. As of right now i will post the rules and let my opponent start in the next round. If any of you have read my other debate with Vi, then i hope you enjoy this one as much as the last.

1. Each story must exceed over 4,000 characters long.
2. There will be One main character (Sam in this case. Sam can be either a boy or a girl, depending on how my opponent chooses to describe him/her).
Each writer is allowed to bring up to 4 extra characters in their story. They may not make any more than four. (crowds, and large groups of unknown people are the exception). Each writer may describe the character in whichever way they like, but there is no changing any character personality traits, or appearance. That of the appearance left out by one writer, may be filled to the other writers liking in any way they so choose.
3. There will be two general settings. In this case, it will be A work office (Pro may choose to describe in detail this work office in any way) and a public library. Each writer may create up to 5 extra settings. The same rules apply with this as the characters. You may add any details not added by the other writer.
4. All character brought up by the opposing writer MUST be used in in each round by each writer. (exceptions apply with character or setting death).
5. This story will be written in first person point of view. This means each writer will use words such as "I". The writer will BE the writer in essence.
6. This story will be fiction. This story should re-frain from being horror related. (meaning, romance, drama, comedy, action, mystery, and other genres are allowed. This is to keep all of these debates from being generally the same. I will let my opponent choose the genre for this particular story.
7. Pro MUST present a problem within their story, and Con MUST present a solution, as well as a problem of their own for the Pro to solve. The Last round will be up to the Con to give a decent ending to, after fixing the formally presented problem.

I would like to thank ghost writer for challenging me to this awesome debate. I wish her the best of luck!
Debate Round No. 1


I was racing my XKJ silver convertible Jaguar through the lush green winding country side. I had a 500 foot cliff side ocean view with 30 foot white peaked waves rushing and crashing into the jagged-rock coves below. The wind was blowing my Fabian like hair in a stream behind my broad shoulders with queer fluidity. I was clad in my dark blue Armani suit and the only "thing" missing was the beautiful long-legged undercover lover/nemesis "Miss Octopussy." The name is Sam, Sam Bond.

"Sam...[pause] uhmm hey Sam! I don't know where you are right now but you need to come back to earth and fast. I told you I need to have that Notice of Intent filed with DOPL today--if it doesn't get filed today the SOL runs and if the Firm gets sued for legal malpractice--you're going to be SOL as in out a job buddy!" said my smugly smirking boss startling me out of my lucid day dream.

"Yes, Sir, I mean Richard." I kept forgetting to call him Richard as he has agitatedly asked me to do on numerous occasions--but I figure Sir is better than accidentally calling him something short for Richard as in Dic**! which is the name I refer to him in my my mind and to my beer buddies when telling my work woes. I had become accustomed to my boss rudely awakening me out of my fantasies while drafting docs at my computer.

"It's almost finished Di..Richard," I stammered.

God! Give a guy a break! I'm friggin' 35 years old; I was supposed to be a high-power partner by now. I work my butt off to no avail and get treated like crap! At this rate, I'll never make partner! My life is nothing like I envisioned--you know, the high-power attorneys John Grisham writes about in his books. Where's my Stepford wife, my two kids, my white picked fence, my Mercedes, my vacation home in the Bahamas, oh and yeah my hot mistress. Ugh! I didn't go to 7 years of college hell to be treated like a lowly associate at 35.

I guess I have kind of lost myself in the last ten. I wasn't always this greedy, non-integrous and negative. After umpteen curve balls from life--I gave up on dreams, love and happiness. I got married right after law school
to a beautiful woman (who insisted on a traditonal Catholic wedding). God I loved her! I really did! At least as much as any run of the mill dysfunctional red blooded American boy is capable of. One year later, we lost 2lb premature twins at birth. It turns out all she really cared about was being a mother like it was her sole purpose in life and nothing else mattered, including me. Before we lost the twins, I was actually looking forward to having a couple of rug rats around.
The death of the twins and my wife's determination or more like crazed obsession to become a mother come hell or high water sank me into a deep depression.

My reprieve from the depression/life is spending most nights after work and on the weekends at a bar called McGee's where I pound down as many hearty Irish brews as it takes for me to feel like I'm somebody again. McGee's is a "yuppie" bar but not in the sense of argyle socks and sweater vests but as in a place where well-educated guys hang out to drink a quality beer--the kind of guys that wouldn't buy a Coors or Miller Light if it was the last beer on earth. That's where I hang out with a couple of guys I went to law school with but mainly I hang out with Greg.

Greg is my best friend. He isn't an attorney but we grew up in "high society" together. He comes from affluence like me but where I conformed, Greg rebelled. He refused to be a clone of his uptight, corporate, snobby monstrosity of a father. The more his father pushed, the more Greg rebelled. He went to work for a big time commercial construction company and worked himself up the ladder. Greg is my age, has bronzed skin from supervising hours in the sun and is built like a body builder. He has a Marlboro man face, the kind the ladies go crazy for. He has a steady mind, even-keel personality and is a salt-of-the-earth type of person. He's talked me through many breakdowns over the past 10 years. Still, I hate my job, I'm not over losing my wife, I drink too much, I'm depressed, sometimes suicidal and I have begun to believe that happiness is not something I deserve anymore much less will ever attain.

Now, I am not telling you all this to sound like a downer or a pathetic and hopeless victim but rather to preface an amazing experience that has transformed my life forever!

"It's just another Manic Monday, Wish it was Sunday...." The alarm clock went off at 7:00 a.m. sharp like it usually does every dreaded hum drum Monday morning. What can I say, I like 80's music, and ya gotta love the Bangles. Hey, go figure the coincidence of the lyrics. I hit the snooze a million times and then finally got myself in gear to go face Dic** Wad at the lousy law office. Just so happens on this particular day, my car breaks down on the way there. Crud!!!! Talk about when it rains it pours. Ironically enough it was pouring outside and I was getting drenched looking under the hood of the damn car. Ha! Like I knew what the heck to do or look for under the hood of a broken down car being the white collar dork that I am. The last thing I need is car trouble and to give Dic** another reason to lay into me 'cuz I'm late for work! I closed the hood, took a deep breath and bowed my head for a minute. No, I wasn't praying--probably should have been but I've never really was a "God" man. I pulled out my cell phone and was about to call a tow truck and a cab when I looked up and saw the Holland City Public Library. God who goes to a public library anymore? Aren't they outdated?! But for that matter who wakes up to a clock radio anymore. Yeah, I

After calling and telling the receptionist that my car broke down and I'd be in later, I said to myself "what the heck! I am going into the library to get out this damn rain and relax a minute." As I walked through the double doors a flier caught my eye. The words on that flier changed my life forever.

Problem: Main character hates his life! Big problem to solve.
Good luck Philosophical :)


The board of notice was huge, and was covered by many advertisements. Out of all the many papers that cluttered the wall, I don't know what made my attention latch onto one of the smaller, inferior, fliers.
The title must have caught my attention.


I was mildly intrigued. I approached the flier and proceeded to read the description.

It simply read:

" The NewLife foundation is an educational training company whose purpose is to provide experiential trainings that will assist you in taking on your life and assist you in coming to the knowledge of who you truly are. By creating a safe environment, you get to learn how to have your life work on new levels you never thought possible. We are not a religion or political organization and do not seek endorsements from religions or organizations. Our training is designed for people committed to having their lives work better. Registration will start thursday, october 15th at 7pm, and the class will begin at eight, and can range til twelve, or possibly later."

That meant this class was tomorrow. What did I have to lose? It would be perfect. Work ended at 5pm for me. That would give me to hours to prepare for registration. I had nothing to lose, but everything to gain, i decided. I was going to NewLife.


I had a little trouble finding the place. I guess I was expecting some big, fancy, world reknown facility off the side of the road. When I finally found the adress, i was surprised to see a small little building in a backlot area off of a busy street, surrounded by other small businesses.
I was nervous, as i tried to force myself out of my crappy car, and failed miserably.
' What am i doing here? What can these people possible tell me that will somehow magically change my life?'
I seriously almost considered leaving.
But then i changed my mind. I can't say that this can't help if I dont try it first.
I opened the car door, and walked in the building.
There was lots of people walking around the small building. The place, again had me shocked at how well kept it was, and seemingly high quality. There were plenty of beautiful paintings on the walls, some of which i could not distinguish, and other more famous ones i did recognize. There was a T.V. hanging on the wall in the lobby near the main entrance. Displayed on it, were descriptions and pictures of accounts from those who had taken the NewLife training course. Placed in front of the plasma screen television, were eloquent couches, in which were occupied by a few people. Most of them, had a name tag pinned to the front of theirt shirt. I walked past the few dozens of people into what seemed to be even a larger lobby room. This rooms was surrounded by multiple doors to all sides, Labeled from door "A" to "C". I was guessing these were the training rooms.

The main lobby area had a random placement of signs all point into room "C". The signs, were all labeled in fine print, "registration".
A small, blond, hostess, standing by the door acknowledged me saying, "Are you a new trainee, registering for this class?"

I looked at her uncertainly for a moment, before finally answering.
"Uh, yeah."

She smiled brightly at me, at beckoned for me to follow her.
"Right this way please."

I followed the girl into a larger room. This room was unique to the other lobbies I had seen. It was alot larger, perfectly rectangle, and was filled with desks, and chairs, where i assumed people were signing up and paying for their course.
The hostess led me to a table, and had me sit in the chair parralel to who I assumed was an employee.
The hostess, then turned and left, while the man handed me some papers.
I filled out all the information, including birth date, e-mail adress, phone number, area, etc.
I then handed the information and the money to the man. I then recieved a name tag saying "SAM. NewLife, trainee"
"Thankyou, sir. Please wait in the lobby for your training to begin. You have approximately 30 minutes, before open doors."

I left out into the Lobby and seated myself on the long, circular couch, as i waited nervously for what I hoped might make a difference in my pitiful life.
I felt my phone buzzing in my pocket.
Pulling it out of my pocket, I could see the call was from Greg.
"Hello?" I said.
I had not yet told him about my training course.
" Hey Sam, me and the guys are going out for a drink. Wanna come?"
I sighed heavily.
"Sorry man, I am busy right now. Maybe later?"
There was a long pause from Sam's end. I had never refused him on going to hang out at the bar in the past.
" Yeah, man. Are you alright? You sound depressed" Leave it to Greg to always care about the well being of others. He was a great friend.
" No i am fine. Hey thanks for the invite, but I gotta go, alright? I'll catch you later!"
I hung up without saying good-bye. Guilt filled me after doing this, but I really wasn't in the mood to discuss with him how I am such a wimp that I had to sign up for some stupid group therapy class, to boost my self-esteem.
'I just need to suck it up' I thought to myself. Life isn't fair, and it never will be. What is complaining about it going to do for me?
Why was i even here? This was just going to waste my time. This class wouldn't make me assistant at my firm. It wouldn't make my boss respect me for all the hard work i do. It wouldn't bring my wife back. What was I doing here?
Someone came and sat next to me. I was too deep into thought to notice them though.
"Hey!" Said the friendly person, who approached me.
I was startled, and jumped.
"Oh, hey. Sorry, I get startled easily" I appolagized, turning to see the bald man.
The man who had approached me, was swarthy, tall (about 5'11), and looked to be in his early twenties.
"It's all good. I am sorry for startling you. My name is Brayden. What's yours?"
I was un-sure on whether i felt like talking to this complete stranger, but i was too nice not to answer.
"My name is Sam, it is nice to meet you."

"Indeed. So how did you here about this place?" Brayden asked trying to start up a conversation.
One which I didn't feel like at the moment..
"I saw a flier at a local library. How 'bout you?" I really didn't care, but i felt it appropriate to ask anyway.
"One of my good friends, made me take this. He said that it was life altering. I haven't been having the best luck in life, and i am hoping this can teach me something" he said.

Before I could reply, the room was filled with silence, and the great doors leading to room "A" were opened by two male staff members.
Both, at the same time yelled for all in the lobby to hear, "DOORS ARE OPEN!"
One by one people started filing into the room.
This was it. This was my oppertunity to either leave, or proceed. I was frozen in place, faced with indecision. A brief analogy of the song "Should i stay or should i go" from the clash popped in my head.
What i didn't know was that this decision could very well mark the decision on how i lived the reset of my life.
Uncertainty gripped me.

Former problem: Main character hates his life!

New problem: Sam is faced with indecision on whether or not to proceed with the training that may alter the course of his life.

Good luck GhostWriter! I am looking forward to your next response. Your first story was great!
Again, i hope the story writing debate catches for others as well.

Debate Round No. 2


GhostWriter forfeited this round.


Me and my opponent have both agreed that we will finish this story in another debate, due to the forfeit, and the fact that there is not that many rounds.

Debate Round No. 3


GhostWriter forfeited this round.


philosophical has forfeited this round.

For a good read, please check out my first writers debate
Debate Round No. 4
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Posted by Koopin 8 years ago
Yeah, you should have switched your account. gtg, Lwerd is home. OH SHOOT! I FORGOT TO SWITCH MY ACCOUNT! NOW EVERYONE WILL KNOW THAT KOOPIN IS VI!
Posted by philosphical 8 years ago
what are you talking about?
Posted by Vi_Veri 8 years ago
You should have switched your accounts before you said that, Phil :)
Posted by philosphical 8 years ago
Because I forfeited.
Posted by Vi_Veri 8 years ago
Why don't you vote for yourself, GhostWriter?
Posted by philosphical 8 years ago
I did solve the problem. His life sucked, so this training was supposed to help his life change for the better. But whether you didn't want it to go into a training transformation thing or not, does not matter. You chose to set up your side, and I chose to set up mine. Deal with it.
Btw you forgot to add your added characters and settings at the end
Posted by GhostWriter 8 years ago
My Internet was down for a few days. You never solved the problem philosophical. But that's okay. I really don't want to get into some kind of Tony Robbins' training transformation thing--boring. Was kind of hoping you'd go somewhere different with it. But I understand you are writing several debates at once.
Posted by philosphical 8 years ago
ADDED SETTING: NewLife building
Posted by GhostWriter 8 years ago
Yes, it would be best to wait. I have work, and i don't know if i would be able to do two of these at once. After this debates conclusion, perhaps?
Posted by Vi_Veri 8 years ago
Sure, I'll challenge you soon. Have a lot on my plate at the moment with school.
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