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wrong is wrong

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Started: 6/25/2016 Category: Religion
Updated: 2 years ago Status: Post Voting Period
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if christianity is right, then satanism is right.. belief


Round 3 of the war begins. Prepare yourself.

Sorry that it took so long for a response, but everyone is busy right?

Now it seems your stance this time is that if christianity is right, then satanism is right. Because of belief. Then you assert that wrong is wrong.

Now I have a couple points.

1. This is not a debatable resolution.

Making a statement, like "wrong is wrong" is something meant for obvious purposes, or educational purposes. Nobody would in their right mind challenge you on this assertion, unless they believed the world as we know it does not exist. But more on that later.

This resolution is simply a fact that is stated. Also it is circular reasoning because my opponent is using the word wrong, to explain wrong. That is textbook circular reasoning that gets us nowhere fast.

So because of this point, a vote for Con is warranted.

2. Satanism is not correct if Christianity is correct.

I don't know what world my opponent lives in, but Christianity explicitly states that all followers of Satan are wrong and fallen. This means that Christianity and Satanism are mutually exclusive beliefs. Now. It is true that belief is what drives these religions, but Christianity and Satanism are competing ideologies, not mutually symbiotic ones.

Therefore a vote for Con is warranted.

3. Belief could be a made up concept.

Sometimes, the facts may not be what they seem. The Matrix is a movie that attempts to take this idea apart and analyze what it would mean to live a lie. So note that my opponent by suggesting that "wrong is wrong", is automatically assuming no paradigm shift on the fundamental level. My opponent is assuming the base paradigm of objectivity, is the only paradigm out there. But we all know that relativity exists, and means that this universe is not seen from one point of view. So once again.

A vote for Con is warranted.

That being said I await my opponent's response.

Debate Round No. 1


you have only the choice of belief, and if thats the case satanism is true like christianity depending on what you believe

votes mean nothing.. you lose because you are unable to counter my position.. lack of arguments

wrong is wrong.. is not an assumption


42lifeuniverseverything forfeited this round.
Debate Round No. 2


I apologize for the forfeit, I wasn't sure when the 1 day period for arguments had started since your response. So I would ask for reconsideration by voters.

I will respond to my opponent's points.

"you have only the choice of belief, and if thats the case satanism is true like christianity depending on what you believe"

But now I believe you contradict yourself. Your resolution is about objectivity, but then you state that if you believe in something that to our world is objectively wrong, then that belief trumps all other thought. The only issue with this is that this is a relativist mindset, and therefore stands on the Con side of the resolution that wrong could equal right. So you have argumentatively forfeited the round here.

"votes mean nothing.. you lose because you are unable to counter my position.. lack of arguments"

If I had a lack of arguments, I would agree with you. But I had three arguments in case you missed them.

"wrong is wrong.. is not an assumption"

According to Merriam-Webster, the definition of assumption is "an assuming that something is true b : a fact or statement (as a proposition, axiom, postulate, or notion) taken for granted" So if you are taking for granted or believing to be true that "wrong is wrong" then you are actually assuming that statement. However you are not proposing an opposite side and by doing so making a debatable resolution.

Let's recap.

1. The resolution is not debatable.

This still stands because the resolution at its core, is an assumption, not an arguable assertion. Therefore this really is not a debate.

2. My opponent's opening argument is false.

My opponent has still failed to prove that if Christianity is true, then Satanism is true. I have shown that in the objective reality my opponent wishes to uphold in this debate, Christianity claims all Satanic worshippers to be false. Therefore, Satanism is false if Christianity is true, and I should win this argument

3. Belief could be made up.

My opponent never addressed my example, so it still stands. But keep in mind that my opponent basically took on my relativism argument as his own. But because relativism is the Con of this resolution, Pro forfeits the debate.



Debate Round No. 3
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Posted by Muslimdebater 2 years ago
This was a very nice debate. 42 had really good arguments.
Posted by vi_spex 2 years ago
satanism and christianity are both belief systems..
Posted by ThinkBig 2 years ago
The resolution is a bit unclear. Wrong is wrong. What does this mean? Judging by the opening rounds, the debate seems to be whether or not absolute truths exist and whether or not everything is right.

Pro begins by arguing that if Christianity is right, then Satanism is as well. Con argues that the resolution is not debatable and it does not follow that if Christianity is right, then Satanism is as well. Con shows that the two belief systems contradict each other and only one can be right (and both can also be wrong).

The resolution, whatever the resolution was, was negated by con.
Posted by ThinkBig 2 years ago
That's a huge problem I have had as well. I once accepted a debate with 5 minutes and 500 characters and didn't realize it until I typed everything out and nearly forfeited.
Posted by 42lifeuniverseverything 2 years ago
I find that a serious problem with this site is being unable to see the argument time period that is on each debate in the debate settings tab before accepting the debate. That missing feature means I never know if I have 10mins or 72 hours to respond, making my debates harder. Is there any way to fix that?

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Vote Placed by ThinkBig 2 years ago
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Reasons for voting decision: I give pro the conduct point because con forfeited round 2. However, con still wins on arguments which will be analyzed in the comments.