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yes to bf1 no to cod inf. warefare

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Started: 1/10/2017 Category: Games
Updated: 1 year ago Status: Debating Period
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bf1. the graphics, the hype, gameplay. cod was just going to much into the future. and i cant stand it


Battlefield 1 is a game regarding the topic of shooting. Call of Duty Infinite Warfare is also a game regarding the topic of shooting. They are both violent games and are not suitable for all ages as shown on the box as there is gore violence and hot strippers. The strippers are very attractive in the airports when modded that it is inappropriate. They need to look ugly in order for the serious gamer to stay focused because on average, a research done by scientists has shown that over 69.99% of U.S gamers that get paid to game get distracted easily. These gamer nerds are getting paid for this and are losing money and family from these hot stripper distractions. It is ridiculous. Cod nor bf1 are good as they are both the same game with different graphics. Why pay 59.99 for a game when you can get it for 5.99 three years after it's release not to mention the hefty tax prices. I remember doing a research online and even famous gaming legend Ron Jeremy has been distracted when attempting to MLG "No-scope" a "noob" and got noob killed when looking at the snow which leads me to my next argument. Snowmen should never be looked at as "Sexual objects". This is because they are snow. They are white. What if you are gaming and all of a sudden you hump the snow? You will freeze your balls off not to mention that you will lose your sperm in the white snow. Therefore swimming with polar bears is dangerous and not might but WILL end your kill-streak. To end my argument, I would like to speak on behalf of professor Shnitzel. N. We do not believe that either game has met our expectations therefore your topic is not only invalid but is not great. Please get some help.
Debate Round No. 1


i see what your saying, but we aren't talking about mods. (thiss is just a joke debate btw) weere talking about quality, and OMG what in the world? fr ? snow? anyways, im talking about game wise and it being fun to play. so which one is more fun too play for me. bf1. ive never heard of hot strippers in bf1. but that's ok
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