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youth in asia

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Started: 9/26/2011 Category: Society
Updated: 6 years ago Status: Voting Period
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Well i finaly made the debate you wanted to talk about. May the best debater win. im against youth in asia for many reasons which i will explain throughout the arguments.


Ok, so obviously I'm pro "youth in Asia". I support it because mercy killing is not bad at all in my opinion. If somebody wants to die, then let them die.
Debate Round No. 1


why is euthanasia bad?
Euthanasia is bad for many reasons. for my first argument I'm going to talk about 3 of my least convinces points, but hopefully they will still be able to convince people that euthanasia is wrong.
First I want to talk about the argument of belief. Euthanasia teaches people to give up when times get tuff. If everyone thought with this point of view where would we all be in life? I believe tribulations make people stronger. I know in some cases the pain for some of these patients may hurt real bad, but it's not like there are no anesthetics to treat these people. What if scientist find a cure, but you just put your best friend to sleep because you are his doctor and he asked you to. How would you feel? If we give up on them, chances are they will give up on themselves. People with these astonishing diseases need words of encouragement. They don't need use to give up on them.

Euthanasia morally wrong when. Religion plays a huge part of this, but I'm not to talk a lot about it because I know your atheist and it won't affect you in anyway. I know what is moral to me may not be a moral to another person, so I just want to talk about guilt. People feel guilty when they do something wrong (if they have a conscious). How do you think you would after letting a doctor kill someone you love, whether if it's based on your decision or theirs? I know I would feel guilty. If your answer is (yes i would feel guilty) does that not convince you that euthanasia is wrong right away?

Last but not least, for this argument I want to show an example why decisions should not me made off of pain in the first place. When people are in pain they can say many things and not truly mean it. I know in the middle of a cross country race I'm thinking "somebody shoot me", but do I really want them to put a gun up to my head and shoot me? The answer is no. I still want to live, it's just my state makes me think otherwise. would you take someone out of their misery who is as indecisive as I am? I may think that but to tell you the truth I rather finish my run then give up. In a patients case he should continue fighting then give up.
I just wanted to say I'm not suicidal if some of you are thinking that. I just wanted to use an example.


You say Euthanasia is bad. It is not bad at all. It is putting a person out of their pain and misery. This should be done ONLY if the person consents to it. You can't go around killing people because YOU feel that they should be put down. That is how how it works. It should only be done by a doctor and only if their patient requests for it. Many people think that Euthanasia is a homicide, such as Lethal Injection. That kind of killing is considered to be legal.

You talk about morals. Keep in mind that not everyone has the same moral status like you. Many people have different ways of thinking. What you and your religion believe is none of my business and you can feel however way you want to feel about this subject. How can you feel guilty if you are not the person that is taking the life? I would understand if you feel guilty if one of your family members had to go through this.

Since we are on the subject of family, I have to ask you this. What if one of your family members is suffering from a lethal disease/virus that's eating him/her alive[such as Ebola which has no cure yet]? Do you have the stomach to visit them each day and watch them die a little everyday and knowing that you could have ended their suffering sooner[as they requested(just saying)]? That would make me feel guilty if I had to watch a family member die in front of me and I can do something about it.

It doesn't have to be your family member. What if it was YOU?! Do you want to endure the pain everyday and end up dead anyways? Or would you just want to get it over fast. The death rate of the Ebola virus is 50-90%. Do you want to take a chance and hope that you won't die from it?
Debate Round No. 2


My answer to your question would be yes, I would take a chance and hope that they don't die from it. You say Ebola kills 50-90% of that victims, which gives me hope right there. First I want to say I know my mom and know she would never asking me to do such a thing. I admit visiting her each day would be extremely hard, but how can I complain. The funny thing I just when to church on Friday and learned about complaining. I complain all the time, which is bad about me. Before a run I start to complain, but look at it this way. A person who can't walk is probably saying man I wish I could run. That's why we should be able to give thanks more. when you complain you only look at the negative side of things, and never look at the positive side. Now I ask myself would my mom complain about this disease? Yes she would, but I would be right there to tell her what I learned. Help her look at the positive side of things, like the wonder full life she's had, a good husband, family, and so much other things that this list would go on forever. Some people don't even get a chance to breath their first gasp of air, or 5 weeks after their born die. I had a chance to live and so did my mom, why should we complain? We were given life and now a medical procedure comes along that plans to destroy it. Euthanasia makes demoralizes humans and can take away our hearts. I'm so glad I waited till today before I posted this argument because if I hadn't I wouldn't been able to share with you some of the stuff I've learned.

I believe I answered your questions so I'm going to start up two other argument on the topic. First I want to explain to you the types of euthanasia and cases that do occur in them. Passive euthanasia is still euthanasia except doctors let the patient die slowly with no anesthetics given to them. Active euthanasia is when the doctor puts a lethal injections in order to kill the patient right away. If you're for euthanasia you can't be for a part of it, Pick a side. Doctors kill patients because they ask them to and family members make the decision. Even if you would just accept one part of euthanasia, trust me other parts would be accepted. Now let me give you some examples. A persons father just got old timers and it's like his father is dead. He decides to use euthanasia because he thinks that would be what he wants. Many cases like this would appear. Do you think he should die because his son thinks it's expensive to keep him in a home, and it's like he's not even their because his father can't remember him?( I should of used a coma example, but I think this is good enough) Here is another example a person is paralyzed from the neck down from a car accident. He use to love being active, but now all they can do is watch TV, talk to other people, ..... Would you agree to put that person under euthanasia?

If euthanasia is accepted it would just become more and more normal as time goes by. I remember a joke my cousin use to say which was" that's how it starts". This joke is very well true. I bank robber starts with a simple robbery at a candy store and continues to move on up until he reaches banks. For example a person who takes cocaine don't take it right away. It starts at weed and increases to cocaine later on down the road. euthanasia would continue to grow just like this. People with depression would start using this method. As society gets use to killing and would start to be thought of as good. Minds would begin to twist.

My second argument is vary contradictory when used against doctors. People become doctors not to kill people but to save and help them. A doctor promises never to harm a patient and to never give medicine that can poison someone when becoming a doctor. Do they just throw this oath away after becoming one?


Ok, so you might be into taking chances and hoping to live. I don't think you would though. Every day that passes will be worse. Nobody can withstand the pain from the disease since it's eating you away insode. Anyhoo, just because you take chances, it doesn't mean that other people would. Ok, so you learn about complaining [which you do a lot especially in English class. Name a one person you know that does not complain. Sure everyone has a chance to live, but there is a certain time of life span. As a person gets older they are more prone to disease and injury. they know that they don't have that much time left. If they want to leave the world, that's their choice and we can't stop it.

Now my grandmother has Altzheimer's disease. That is not something that you should kill a person over. They can still live their life. They just forget a couple things. I would not kill my grandmother over that. You can't use Eithanasia for that purpose. if someone is in a coma, that is a different story. They can't speak for themselves, but a family member can. What would you do if you had to pay for their hospital bill, their room, mediation, and equipment. That is a lot of money to spend for someone who is non-responsive. If it has taken a long time, and there is no hope of them coming to, you can terminate their life. It's better than just coughing up money for them. Now the person paralyzed is a different situation. He can still respond to people. If he wants to be put down, we should respect his decision. If he wants to live, then let him live. It's not right to let him suffer the remainder of his life in a whellchair unless he wants to.

Yes, if Euthanasia starts now, it will grow, but so will the opinions. It will become accepted if it grows. Then there won't be any problems.

Doctors are to save their patients, yes. But do all their patients Doctors are suppose to HELP their patients. they can't guarantee that they WILL be saved. There is always a high risk in performing surgeries. Docotrs do their best. Are you saying that no doctor has ever had a patient die?

Basically, I say that if a person wants to be put out of their misery, then let them. I'm not saying that we should kill everyone who looks like they want to be put down. The person has to give you their permission, and if they can't do it, a family member has to. GET THAT STRAIGHT.
Debate Round No. 3


If you knew you didn't have much time left would you let every moment count or quickly end your death?
patients of doctors sometimes die, but do they kill them?
Those are some questions that maybe if you ask yourself you will begin to turn more to my side of the argument.
By the way I know I complain and that is my downfall. I never say thanks when things turn out good, but when things go wrong I'm angry and upset. I remember hearing in a rap song by Lacrea called I did it for you. "Every funeral, cats get upset and cry
Turn their heads towards the sky trying to ask God why
But they never looked up till then
Every other day they concerned with the world and consumed in sin"
I feel like it speaks to me because I know when something turns bad I sometimes tend to blame god, when it's not his fault, But Why do people turn to him when they don't believe in him( sorry for getting off topic). What about everything that was good that happened to me. I tend to not say a word and thank no one.

Also remember you might have a ruff life, but there's always those other people who would change their life with yours in an instant. It's a cycle you want what he has, when he wants what another person has. You might be living under a bridge, but that person over their is living in the wide open with no shelter to cover himself from the ran with.

By the way A person could come back from a coma at anytime. It is unpredictable and a lot of times not even the doctor knows when the patient will be able to get back to their normal life. You make it seem like Alzheimer's disease isn't that bad. When a person first gets it they might just forget the little things, but as time goes on they start to forget almost everything. The eventually become like babies. You would consider putting to sleep someone with a coma, but not someone with Alzheimer's disease. You said it yourself, it can get pretty expensive, especially for an unresponsive person.

Euthanasia is against what I believe because I believe suicide is wrong. People try to describe Euthanasia as mercy killing, when it's not. It is suicide because the person wants to die. The definition of suicide is The action of killing oneself intentionally, so should this not be considered suicide? They are killing themselves because they want to, not because they have to.

By the way if you ask someone an opinion, you can't just disagree with them. It's my opinion and I'm entitled to it. So if I say I will take that chance, who are you to tell me that I won't?

Sorry for how sloppy this post was, but its running late and im getting pretty tired so im just gonna leave it like that.


Chuonga forfeited this round.
Debate Round No. 4
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Posted by jalen1234 6 years ago
it forfitied becuase u took 2 long to reply
Posted by Chuonga 6 years ago
This is ridiculous.....Forfeit by default?!
Posted by Chuonga 6 years ago
Essays...Essays...Essays...... I should called you MR. SHAW
Posted by Chuonga 6 years ago
Fail x3
Posted by jalen1234 6 years ago
sorry i spelled it wrong its supposed to be euthanasia
Posted by Chuonga 6 years ago
Youth in Asia???
Or euthanasia
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