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yu-gi-oh Vs. pokemon (card games)

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Started: 12/17/2011 Category: Entertainment
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I'll be defending Yu-gi-oh
RD 1 aceptances and monsters playing with 4 in all
RD 2-4 battle
Rd 5 summery (no new arguements)
My monsters will be Winged Dragon of Ra, Oblesk, Slyther, Exodia, Red Nova Dragon
I now await the Pokemon battler


I accept the challenge and look forward to a fun battle.

There are a few discrepancies with my opponent's description of the battle, though.
My opponent says that I must choose 4 monsters total while he has chosen 5.
I will also clarify, by the yu-gi-oh card game wiki, the conditions by which my opponent can put his monsters into play.
Winged Dragon of Ra, Slifer the Sky Dragon and Obelisk the Tormentor all require 3 cards to be sacrificed in order to play them. This means that my opponent will only be able to summon one of these monsters and either Exodia to the field.
Red Nova Dragon requires two tuner cards and a Red Dragon Archfiend. My opponent does not have either of those so Red Nova Dragon is useless to him.
Finally, Exodia is actually a set of 5 cards so my opponent gains nothing from having the base Exodia card, Exodia The Forbidden One. Not being in possession of the Right arm of the Forbidden One, Left arm of the Forbidden One, Right leg of the Forbidden One or Left leg of the Forbidden One, my opponent can only use the base stats of Exodia the Forbidden One, which are 1000 ATK and 1000 DEF

So by the terms of my opponents card choice he has already broken his own parameters and limited himself to only summoning 1 of the 3 god cards or to only summoning Exodia the Forbidden One which has meager base stats.

Now that that's out of the way, I present my choice of Pokemon.
EX Reshiram
Arceus LV.X

I'll assume that my Pokemon need not adhere to the resource system of the standard Pokemon TCG as my opponent has not provided grounds for me to present those cards so I have chosen Pokemon whose attacks' special effects don't concern the energy cards attached to them.

With that, I await his opening argument.
Debate Round No. 1


Sorry I'll take out Exodia.
The Con states that I need to sacrifice cards to bring them out. Well this is true, but on the flip side you can't have evolved pokemon without training them. So therefore sacrifice equals leveling up.
Kuriboh can kill them. It has 300 ATK while a strong pokemon has 200. So therefore with cards in the high thousands can easily beat cards in the hundreds.
Effects won't work My monsters if you read the effects.


"Sorry I'll take out Exodia."

Now my opponent only has the option of summoning Slifer, Obelisk or Winged Dragon of Ra.

"The Con states that I need to sacrifice cards to bring them out. Well this is true, but on the flip side you can't have evolved pokemon without training them. So therefore sacrifice equals leveling up."

Sacrifices may equal leveling up and evolving but the cards I put in play don't require sacrifice to summon. Zekrom, Arceus, Reshiram and Kyurem all start at this power-level when you acquire them as a card and when you acquire them in the actual game. They have no pre-evolved forms and are permanently this strong.

"Kuriboh can kill them. It has 300 ATK while a strong pokemon has 200. So therefore with cards in the high thousands can easily beat cards in the hundreds."

The Jumbo Promo cards of Zekrom, Reshiram and Kyurem all have 1000 attack damage. While those Jumbo cards are not legal for tournaments or official events, they are still legal for this online debate challenge.

"Effects won't work My monsters if you read the effects."

I don't know what this means.

My opponent's perspective on the duel is inherently abusive because he expects that I should play cards that can only reach a cap of 1000 attack damage while his can be summoned easily with well over that amount. If the power levels of our chosen cards were balanced, Pokemon would win. Pokemon are able to level up and continue growing in power forever, as evidenced by Ash's Pikachu becoming stronger and stronger as the series progresses so it's only a matter of how powerful a Pokemon becomes until the point that it just has more power than my opponent's god cards.
Debate Round No. 2


1. Pro admitts his pokemon are illegal for tournements. THat means he can't use his in this debate therefore he has none remaining. So with my monsters left for a direct attack I would win the match.]
Ra- invinsable ATK and DEF and infinaty and no effects can work on god cards
Slyther- ATK usally from 2000-7000 therefore he could easily destroy the pokemon
Obolisk- ATK 4000 god card
Red Nova- ATK 5000, can't de destroyed by monster effect, can be removed from play to negate an attack and brought back next turn.
You tell me how 1000 is stronger than these attacks


This is not a tournament. This is a comparison between the two card-games and therefore my chosen Pokemon are legal for use.

Of course the base values of Yu-gi-oh cards are different in terms of scaling, I've already acknowledged this during my rebuttal. Frankly, if the scale of power on the god-cards (being the most powerful of all legal Yu-gi-oh cards) were set to match the highest scaling on the most powerful legal Pokemon Card, Pokemon would win. God Cards are the most powerful legal cards for tournament play but as this is not a tournament, I can use the Reshiram, Kyurem and Zekrom cards with 5 times the power level. This means that my opponent has lost the debate because his cards, on balance, are not stronger than my choices.

If you don't accept that, then my opponent could have just made this debate with the title 4000 is a greater value than 1000 and it would have been much simpler. Things must be on balance because without balance it would be a pointless argument. My opponent spent no time rebutting my points apart from the first argument against the legality of my chosen cards. While they are not normally legal, this is a friendly battle, not a tournament or official pokemon event, and thus I can use them. Since my opponent cannot prove that on balance the power of the egyptian god cards is greater than the power of my blatantly overpowered yet legal choices.
Debate Round No. 3


My oppent arguements aren't making any sense right now he is saying his rares equal the gods. Well lets simply do the math. 4 is greater than 1. Am I correct? He has also dropped the agruement saying that nothing could affect my cards. So therefore my cards are still immune to there effects.
I would love to contune this debate, but tomorrow is my last day possible to post therefore if you see I forefit a round it's simply I can't get to a computer. So I ask to vote tie.


If I accept the debate in support of a side that factually does not have higher values for attack points then it is obvious that we must look at the debate on balance. On balance would mean that the strongest card you have is equal to the strongest card I have by way of a ratio. But there's a technicality in favor of my position. Since there are cards that are legal for this debate that have 5 times the power level of normal legal cards, I can play cards that have effectively 20,000 attack rating. Therefore, on balance, Pokemon cards win.
Debate Round No. 4


The debate was about who would win in a battle. Facts are facts my cards have better attack and Denfense and how am I suppose to refute this in just one speech. according to his last statement his cards have a 20, 000 attack range however. He keeps disregarding the efffects of my cards Red Nova Dragon won't let an attack through and the other are gods.
Ra is invinsible so he wins.
Oblesk is a god and can obsorb enemy strenght win
Slyther. same as Oblesk win
Red Nova can't be affected by effects and can negate enemy attacks so he wins
with the result 4-0 I can see nothing but a Con ballot
Pro thankyou for your time.


My opponent provides no counter for my argument of balancing. Summation of balance: Obelisk, Ra and Slifer all have base damages that are higher than those of my available pokemon, therefore it only makes sense to view things on balance. Therefore his highest ratio is matched to my highest attack value is matched to my highest attack value. There are also normally illegal pokemon cards that are legal for use in this whose base damages are 5 times the normal value and thus pokemon wins.

He also forgets that due to the rules of yu-gi-oh and summoning monsters, he cannot summon Red Nova Dragon because he has none of the prerequisite cards for it's sacrifice special summon. Each god card requires 3 other cards to summon it and none of them can attack in the turn they are summoned. This means he can only summon 1 god card and by the time it can even attack, my powerful pokemon card will have already destroyed it along with about 15k lifepoints of damage.

My opponent also stated that he doesn't have to sacrifice for his summons (something he never specified in the rules of the debate). Although he says sacrificial requirements are null he can still use the effects of his cards, effects that pokemon cards don't have.

He says Ra is invincible but the reality is that Ra's effect is that he can pay lifepoints to give it attack and defense points as well as pay 1000 lifepoints to destroy any monster on the field. Since pokemon aren't monsters, he can't even use that effect on my cards.

He says Obelisk absorbs power from my cards but he can't absorb in the turn he is summoned.

Slifer reduces the power of my cards as they attack but 18k attack is still going to wipe Slifer and my opponent's life points.

Thus, on balance, pokemon cards would beat yu-gi-oh cards because there are jumbo (normally-illegal cards) that I am able to use that have 5 times the normal power level of balanced pokemon and yu-gi-oh cards.

Vote Pro.
Debate Round No. 5
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Posted by OberHerr 6 years ago
Prediction: This will be VERY confusing for me....
Posted by 16kadams 6 years ago
I dislike both
Posted by Lord_Logic 6 years ago
Dang, I wish I was Yu-gi-oh.
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