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The principle of empirical verifiability by David Hume is flawed.


The principle of empirical verifiability by David Hume is flawed for several reasons. First, Hume's theory of language seems to exclude large amounts of data that is otherwise considered to be meaningful. For example, the existential claim that false vacuum exists (unified forces vacuum) would be meaningless under Hume's theory of language. In a more familiar setting, if I claimed that there was a rabbit in what appeared to be a rabbit hole, my claim would be meaningless until I verified my clai...

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Parents should be legally identified and held responsible [2]


The full resolution is: "The parents of each child should be identified as a legal requirement and the parents shall be held responsible by the government for the costs of raising the child." Parents should be held responsible for the care of their children. Unidentified fathers cannot be held responsible. The problem is growing due to the large number of births outside of legal marriage, many with unidentified fathers. In the US in 2007: * Number of live births to unmarried women: 1,52...

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Is the media justified in releasing celebrities and politicians personal affairs?


The media is fully justified in releasing personal information about celebrities and politicians as it lets people know who they are really seeing on the television....

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US ought to submit to the jurisdiction of an IC designed to prosecute crimes against humanity


this is not a real debate can u just post ur rebuttla s and comment to make this better thanks I offer the following definitions to clarify the framework for the round: "To prosecute" is to bring legal action for redress or punishment for a crime or violation for a law; a crime against humanity is an atrocity that is against a large number of people.; jurisdiction is the power or right to exercise authority; Submit is defined as a yield to governance or authority; International Court is defi...

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The general thrust of Mangani's statement is accurate.


In the comments to my last debate, Mangani made a number claims. I contend that the general thrust of Mangani's statement is wrong. Statement as follows. ------------------------- "Irony is evolution in the bible: Genesis 3:6-7: Man did not know he was naked and became aware after eating of the Tree of Knowledge of Good and Evil= Homo Erectus/Habilis, etc. evolves into Homo Sapiens. Both tell of how man "did not know" or "was not aware", and later became or "evolved" into "awareness"...

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