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Poem of grief and prayer

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11/5/2013 10:57:11 AM
Posted: 4 years ago
Dirt made Clean
New tears streamin down my face."
God, don't even deserve your grace."
But you love me with an embrace."
And it breaks me, oh to run the race."
Livin life is like the ragging seas."
On shore fallin down to my knees."
My heart cries to rid these bees."
But I know some may stick like fleas."
Slowly, but willin does my soul cling."
Promises of which, God YOU sing."
Nah, this ain't somethin like a ring."
Your the Only One True King!"
Can't believe I let you n some down?"
All that does is bring me a frown."
No, my life is not a joke of a clown."
It only reveals my sin of a gown."
I need You, God, to heal this heart."
It split in two that"paints bad new art."
Pierce it, by your Word with a dart."
Clear it up like an empty clear cart."
Redemption is only found in You."
So, I cannot do things the way I do."
Must stay strong, not cause of who?"
Repentance only comes through You"
In my weaknesses, I'm made strong."
That brings me to a brand new song."
It may or may not be pretty long."
Okay, but it's not quite of a prolong."
Jesus your the wheel and I'm the car"
Your taking me on a road I see as far."
I'll be clean as a spotless soap bar."
As long as your the one leading afar."
Right now, I know I cannot truly see."
But if I trust you I know all will be..."
The will of you is all that is He!"
To Live is Christ and flesh die in me."

By: Samantha De Leon
(Btw I just wrote this last night it's how I'm feeling right about now).
Better than deserved, as ALWAYS.
"The strongest principle of growth lies in human choices."
"The Lord doesn't promise us a perfect life that is free of problems, but he does promise that He'll get us through anything." ~SweeTea
"Good Times" ~ Max
"If Jesus isn't in heaven, then it's not heaven; instead, it's hell." ~anonymous
"Suffering is unimaginably confusing, but it's a way to be drawn closer to God" ~Me
"Tell me what consumes your heart most, and I'll tell you who your God is." ~Dad