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Fascination of the Future Part 1

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4/19/2014 12:08:56 PM
Posted: 4 years ago
Growing up, Tom has made many blunders
The problem is he never seen himself falling under
As time went on he grew very ignorant and blind
He never knew time wouldn't be on his side

He thought he knew, but didn't
He thought he was cool, but wasn't
People would say,"You'll learn some day."
And he would think," Yeah, okay."
In some ways, he was truly misunderstood
But his error rested in a greater substance
Unknown to him and greater than what he was thinking
Maybe this is why something so easy and simple, could be so difficult to reason

Before he was 13 and now it is two years later
By this time the dilemma has flourished like in the longevity of a child malnourished
His parents were completely occupied, While he was believing in lies
Devoting his time to friends, alcohol, drugs, and crime

Oh, how he wished he could go back in time
Looking back at his adolescent years
All he could do is cry
As the tears rolled down his face, he could only feel disgraced

As he devoted his time to being pathetic
He found himself catching a bit more of rhetoric
His mom and dad noticed the changes,
but had blind faith he'd conquer the new geographic ranges

Little did they know, they had faith in nothing as he learned to appreciate nothing
His world was small, short, but tall
Life was grand intoxicated, jaded, and bland
Life was depressing, aggravating, and mad when he was sober (and never glad)

Perhaps he was looking for something he didn't have
They say money is the root of all evil, but is it really?
Maybe it's just the people

Not too long after his parents grew concerned
In his inability to discern good from bad, and right from wrong

Oh, if his parents didn't take so long to better understand..

They thought they knew what to do as you'll see in a second
Medicinal purposes were the answer to them so this is what happened

Before you know it, he was in a counselor's office explaining his motivation in his exaggerations of complication to say the least
As he answered questions he found himself in a state of denial
He didn't want to reconcile
Time flew by and the appointment was over with information transferred on over

A psychologist and psychiatrist
The story gets better...

A couple of weeks later he was on the deep end with a life to lose and much pain to suffer
He wrote a note to himself expressing much chaotic frustration and anger (desperation was key)
His heart meant nothing as it had no value no more
All he could do as he walked through the door was close the door in regret

He pouted, he cried, in pain and anger
All he could think is he wanted to die
"My life is useless!" He shouted like a deranged man in terror
"How could no one love me?" "I give up!" is the last words he said as he got out of his bed

To be continued...
End of Part 1
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4/19/2014 2:08:48 PM
Posted: 4 years ago
At 4/19/2014 1:14:53 PM, 9spaceking wrote:
that's more of free-style than anything else.

Boo hoo, I thought I was writing a poem. I guess if you put a beat to it, and some rhythm, it could be turned into a freestyle.