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Things said by: Aleister Crowley

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5/13/2014 3:41:35 AM
Posted: 4 years ago
"The increase of knowledge has forced the thinker to specialize, with the result that there is nobody capable to deal with civilization as a whole. We are playing a game of chess in which nobody can see more than two or three squares at once, and so it has become impossible to form a coherent plan."

Balance every thought with its opposition, because the marriage of them is the destruction of illusion.

In order to possess "The Wonder-working Serpent," it is necessary, in the words of the Grimoire, "to buy an egg without haggling," which (by the way) indicates the class of person for and by whom the book was written. This egg is to be buried in a cemetery at midnight, and every morning at sunrise it must be watered with brandy. On the ninth day a spirit appears, and demands your purpose. You reply "I am watering my plant." This occurs on three successive days; at the midnight following the egg is dug up, and found to contain a serpent, with a cock's head. This amiable animal answers to the name of Ambrosiel. Carry it in your bosom, and your suit inevitably prospers Deputy Vote Moderator
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