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5/20/2014 1:03:37 AM
Posted: 3 years ago
I just deal with it that's it its I"m thinking back to my running days in high school when you know the halfway pointing a race where he got extremely on comparable and your muscles are burning your screaming you want to waiting you're just in the most disco parable state you could imagine and you know re just dealt with it just that's what comes along with the spore and just like with any I career any sport that you're dealing your operating at high level it there's you just got to deal with the good and the bad so I mean you know you don't think about it just you know I want to be a professional fitness model I walk my body to look better than 99 percent of the people out there so I got to deal with the things that go along with that and you know when I'm in a bad mood must I realize that I made a decision before somatodrol to be pro fitness model and then that might that decision makes me who I am and Dom I just take it as it calms I don't dwell on it I don't panic I don't have a pity party for myself I don't you know feels feel sorry for myself I made decision I want to look a certain way and to look certain way you got to do things the other people aren't willing to do and that's all it comes down to so that's how I deal with the mental cravings that's how I deal with be fatigue in the gym you know when you're in a couple or deficit for four months of the year that's a intense thing and I just put it in perspective I understand that I'm going to get amazing pictures out of this I'm going to be able to for all hopefully get a new title for myself I'm going to be able to use all the crapshoot idea to help bob you know create new fitness in for products that I can use tell offer you guys and Dom I just keep the big picture goals in mind so I think that's how I deal that understand it's just like businesses they going to work you just checking you check out and it's just business .