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"Weakness is a strength" Poem

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7/16/2014 12:09:46 PM
Posted: 3 years ago
I walked into this world, like Adam experiencing his first breath
In a paradise of pleasures, the joys fulfilling my desires by eternity's grace
Life flashes before my eyes as i watch my life like a movie
All the laughter, tears, despair, anger, moments of confusion let me see all of me
As i'm driving to an unknown world or walking a familiar path as old memories replay
Time passes like the old friend who sat next to me and left..but i open my arms and embrace my destiny

As a child holding onto his mother's arm for dear heart's sake
I said i'd never let go, but now i'm training myself as a warrior
As a fighter finding his own way to win victory, still...i walk into a place
of green meadows where i can lay my head..again, peace causes me to sleep
Though terror strikes me as i meditate on weakness faces me
Sighing, i find relief..though i am unaware of my future so call for the prophets
Until i realize that i am still...lost in time....with arms raised..i fall into the world beyond...