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Desolate place

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7/24/2014 1:09:19 PM
Posted: 3 years ago
"I feel the pain of everything surrounding me
Confusion reigns in my heart and mind
at the destruction i laid upon my wake
What am i? A man? Or something less?
An animal? Or just an imperfect individual?

With every passing day, i find feelings turning numb
My conscience wearing thin, i question everyone
I lack trust in people i should, i realize that some mistakes
Can never be fixed, some wounds never heal
Regrets are better left buried in depths of nothingness
I was deceived...into thinking that there was such thing as an inner voice
Who told me everything will be alright, fighting despair again

Hope that a lost paradise can be restored seems to fade
Although i do dream, i commit myself to being everything
Everything i ought to be, to bring the calm floods of healing
to restore peace, pure serenity in the atmosphere
dreaming of the potential, the wonders that could be
The heaven that earth longs fading...."