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Bubba's Poems

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8/28/2014 3:26:24 PM
Posted: 3 years ago
(Not to be confused with "Bubba's First Poem")

If I have any poems to write, I'll post them here. Until that time comes, this thread is to be ignored. I won't bump this until I've actually written a poem.
If two posts have been made in this thread and both have been made by me, then I have posted a poem.
Expect this to be bumped with poems every few days, weeks, or even months.
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8/28/2014 5:04:41 PM
Posted: 3 years ago
(Please excuse the fact that none of it rhymes or even shares a common number of syllables; I needed the freedom from having to think up rhymes in order to write this to the best of my ability.)

Satan's Choice:

On the third planet of a dying star
It is darker than the dark side of the moon
They wander in the dark not knowing where to turn
But this world is their base of operations
It is the camp of the rebels in a 6000 year war
They hope that the darkness will shield them
From the all-seeing eyes of the KING
The Bearer of Light has come to love the night
Now he can do naught but accuse
He wanders the camp feeling with his hands
His soldiers know his voice but they cannot see his face
He keeps silent for he wishes to hear what they have to say
He had never listened to the talk of his men in 6000 years
But he hopes that his emptiness can be quenched through their talk
He slivers about and puts his ear up to the tent
"Oh how I long for the servitude to the KING over self-rule in exile!"
"I once loved the light but I wanted more so I followed Lucifer with his silver tongue."
Lucifer's black heart drummed furiously within him
Why did they worship the KING above him?!
He was beautiful, adorned with jewels, more splendid than all the hosts of Heaven!
He was wise, he was crafty, none were smarter than he was!
He had been made greater than all the Cherubim! The Seraphim were nothing to him!
He was a god! His greatness was only worthy of a god!
And a god deserved to be worshipped!
It was because of this that he refused to bend his knee to the KING of the Universe
It was because of this that he stirred a third of Heaven against the KING
Was not he worthy of adoration?!
Was not he worthy of the respect?!
Was not he worthy of worship?!
But then he stopped his raging for a moment and thought about it
What kind of god cowers on a dark world trembling before the light?
What good was his beauty when in the darkness none could see it?
What good was his intellect when after 6000 years he hadn't found a way to win the war?
What good was it that he was king over this barren place
When servitude in the presence of the KING was more glorious?
He felt his knee bend
His body trembled with awe
Oh how he longed to return to the presence of the KING and be forgiven
How he wished to worship before the KING and be one of His beloved creations
And why shouldn't he?
He knew that his time was running short
He knew that in less than a century the war would end and he would be defeated
Why not end his rebellion now and be restored to the God who loved him?
"It is not too late," a voice within him whispered.
NO! He roared. He would not bow! A god doesn't bow! He would overthrow the KING!
He would find a way to make that Heavenly throne his!
The worship that he deserved would be taken from his former KING!
So he vowed, as he had again and again
And so for the 150,676th time Satan made his choice
And the Lake of Fire would be his final unresting place.
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Bulproof formally admits to being a troll (Post 16):