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Ballet: Sport or Not?

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2/15/2015 5:58:55 PM
Posted: 3 years ago
Before I begin I would like to say that I myself am an avid ballet dancer.

I value dance too highly to call it a sport.

Jake Vander Ark says the following about the difference between dance and sports:

"In sports, the objective is to win... tossing a toy back and forth to accomplish mindless objectives. ... In sports, winning is the endgame. players win so they can win so men can buy beer and congratulate each other for sitting in front of a TV, cheering on athletes... who provide meaningless entertainment that artificially heightens emotion. I can't think of anything lower. And dance is anything but low."

Calling dance something other than a sport does not degrade its difficulty or its value, it actually heightens it.

While I do agree that there are emotionally and physically demanding aspects to both dance and sports, there are too many differences between them to call dance a sport itself. For example, the "judgements" in dance are subjective, and up to each individual to decide. There is basic technique, but there is also room for artistic interpretation. The main difference however, is the storytelling aspect of dance. Dance exists to tell a story through movement and music. That is something sports simply do not do.

Yes, they are both physically demanding, but dance requires an acting ability and a storytelling aspect that is simply not present in sports.