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Consecrated trust Christian rap

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3/25/2015 10:36:41 AM
Posted: 3 years ago
Lemme know your thoughts on this song i might do in the future.

Consecrated trust

"I got a consecrated sacred hope
So much stress i can't even cope
sometimes i wanna die off a rope

On this earth strugglin' but the pain in my heart feels like hell
ever since birth stumblin' nevertheless i'm blessed by God's well
Could you believe i can be a better warrior wait a lil longer
Do you believe that i can hold my ground if i got a lil stronger?

God knows how much longer before i'm set free from this abyss
But keep God in your heart so when you face Satan you resist
Even the God King Jesus though fully divine let out a sob
If we don't suffer then what's the point of trustin' a livin' God?

I got a consecrated sacred hope
Jus' let the blood of Christ soak
Be still with the master on the boat

So i'ma be the righteous tree of the Word who will stand firm
Cuz eternal life by faith alone is something you must earn
When you overcome calamity then sufferin' will burn

So Lord when i'm tempted to doubt, lead me towards your attention
I pass through fire unharmed cuz my trust is solid in my redemption"