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"What is anger?" Poem

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3/31/2015 10:22:01 AM
Posted: 2 years ago
"Anger is a marauder, a thief breaking into your mind
Hurts those you love then puts the weapon in your hand
Anger is the diabolical entity possessing your body
Consuming you from depths within, eating you alive

Anger is the fatal venom flowing through my veins
It burns my heart with pain, but it gives me power
Anger is a murderer killing everything in it's path
Obliterating those who dare stand in it's way of chaos

Anger is a fiend that knows no compassion or remorse
Void of reason and conscience, creating it's own vendetta
Anger is a monster bringing you closer to your loved ones
Only to take control and destroy the bond you have built
Sadistically and mercilessly showing that you are powerless

Anger is a caged animal, claws raging, roaring for violence
Tempting you..snarling "Let me out, i will give you strength"
And if you do, it will empower you only to leave you suffering
In the wake of destruction and despair you'll know your all alone

Anger is a scorching curse upon my tormented soul
Look deep within me and see all that i am: Anger"