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Renewed Redemption poem

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4/1/2015 11:50:45 AM
Posted: 3 years ago
Renewed Redemption Poem:

"Like the high priest offering sacrifices for God's fire
To behold the blazing glory from his eternal throne
A mighty power raining down on a human altar
But the days of old are coming to it's near end
Now i harmonize with God's Spirit in my heart

Holy peace, i breathe sanctified incense in my lungs
Release all of my inner demons from my weak soul
Torah teaches this savage the ways of the wise in mind
But i seek freedom emanating from the crucified LORD

Enslaved to anger, but i am on the path to heavenly exodus
Sons of light wage war to keep holiness from sons of darkness
So i pray the LORD renew myself to those whom he blesses
Among the children, taught in wisdom from the first-born
Slaughtered bleeding lambs and goats brought me a mercy

But Christ's anointed holy blood have me forever in eternity
Mine eyes saw death, but i am now embraced in a new love "