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Howard's Liszt recordings

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4/2/2015 1:52:08 PM
Posted: 3 years ago
What do you think about them?

For those who didn't know, Leslie Howard dug up all of Liszt's piano solos and recorded everything, premiering around 300 pieces in the process.

I've just borrowed a CD from the library. There was this Pr"ludes et harmonies po"tiques et religieuses, plus some smaller works and a solo version of the second concerto. I got to hear the working versions of several works with which I'm already familiar (3rd Hungarian Rhapsody, 3rd Liebestraume, 2nd concerto, Feu follets) and I'm pleasantly surprised the pianist played with such emotional depth, the gigantic quantity of works he had to record notwithstanding.

What do you think?
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