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"The animal within" dark poem

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4/14/2015 7:47:13 PM
Posted: 3 years ago
When you look at me, you see a happy soul
One with a heart-warming smile on the outside
A loving son, a caring person who is complete

But look deep within...if you dare into the unknown
and you'll see the animal with blazing red eyes roaming
Locked deep in the chambers of my soul buried in hunger
And thirst for blood..surrounded by the darkness of agony

The animal not of this world...waiting to break free from morals
The one who sees a conscience as a means to enslave the heart
Lonely, wandering in the dead of night, stumbling through despair

The animal driven by instinct, fueled by the inhaled rage
With no regard for life, hope, compassion, or salvation
When it obliterates those who threaten it's very existence
With no rationale or explanation, but that deadly instinct

It is hated, persecuted, and feared by the malignant ignorant
It is the thing that is wild by nature, feasting upon your pain
Peel behind the layers of my fleshly face and see who i am

The grotesque,snarling,rage filled, and haunting face of the animal
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5/15/2015 1:57:28 PM
Posted: 3 years ago
Where did you get this?
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