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Just some rhymes I wrote

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9/26/2015 10:02:25 PM
Posted: 2 years ago
Open-mind thoughts as time stops, listen as my rhyme drops
pistons glisten as the blind watch, no need for the fine scotch
I drink water and think harder, blink as the sheeps slaughter
we've got politicians who wink and lie like a creeps daughter
we've got greed, anger and hatred - fated to hate the sacred
but with passion, love, and trust - I know we can make it
if we live everyday like our last, replace jealousy with a laugh
we can make out like kings and queens with no need for some cash
the secret to living well is remembering that it's temporary
taking things for granted while overlooking the cemetery

that's why everyday I treat it as if it's my last
as every moment moves forward I step out of the past
forget sex, I make love, my lips touch every place on her body
if this nation wasn't so repressed our hearts wouldn't be so foggy
move past the lies, replace them with a smile and kind eyes
because time flies, and hate can even make the skies cry
focus on your dreams, work towards achieving your goals
create your heaven on earth where you can feed your soul

I'm working on mine, day by day I'm getting closer
the law equivalent of a musical genius composer
I'm learning new things everyday, be it academic or personal
and realize that certain actions just aren't reversible
I've come to accept it as is, and will always continue to grow
because someday I'll have the love of my life with me in my forest chateau Deputy Vote Moderator
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