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Results of DDO survey

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7/9/2011 11:53:28 AM
Posted: 6 years ago
At 7/7/2011 2:13:14 AM, Rob1_Billion wrote:
Answer these questions succinctly, if you please:

1) Do you think DDO has serious issues right now? If "yes," then what is the biggest problem(s)?

parentheses indicate # of answers

No: (4)
Yes: (8)

Reasons given for yes:
- lack of help for new members (1)
- lack of voting (1)
- losing older/more productive members (5)
- gaining newer/unproductive members (4) [*Benny said it's fixed though]
- lack of effort/productivity (1)
- over-reaction to the problem (3)
- askbob (1)
- Juggle's ineptitude (1)
- spam debates (1)

2) Is the remedy for this problem simple? Does it require the attention of the mods, core users, or everybody? How do you personally fit into the solution? Do you feel that you have contributed to the problem?

Simple: (3)
Not simple: (3)
N/A: (3)

Methods given for fix:
- Hard work (2)
- Juggle: moderation/rules/standards (5)
- calming nerves/take a break/ ignore trolls (4)
- time will fix/new users will come/old members will cultivate (3)
- empower users with mod commands (1)
- need more quality users (1)

Am part of problem: (1)
Am not part of problem: (3)

Forum users culpable: (6)
Mods culpable: (5)
neither culpable/ambiguous answer: (2)

3) Is there reason to be optimistic about the future of this site? Do you plan on being part of the future of DDO?

Optimistic: (3)
Pessimistic: (1)
neither: (4) [Freedo simply said pessimism=/=helpful]

Plan to stick around: (9)
Plan to leave (1)

4) Is there a viable alternative to DDO that offers a better product?

Yes: 0 answers
No: 7 answers
other/ I don't know: 7 answers

Contributers to survey (14)



I decided not to add my own answers, as it seemed like a conflict of interests and my opinion usually doesn't hold that much weight anyway (I'm better at asking questions, not answering them). I'll also leave it to you to interpret the answers and add to them if your name is not on the list of original contributers. I'll repost with new results as they come in.