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7/21/2011 7:10:41 PM
Posted: 6 years ago
I have an idea for an improvement on DDO. One problem I often have is that, if I participate in many forum discussions over the course of a week, I may not see a response to one of my points that I made. Now that there are 17 forums, it's getting harder to scan them all and make sure I've rebutted everyone's relative comments.

I propose a simple tagging system like facebook has with pictures. For example, If this comment was a direct response to Roylatham's prior comment, I would tag him in it and he would be notified in a separate notification list that he could either check or ignore.

The recent history section on our profiles somewhat accomplishes this, but there are some pretty distinct drawbacks and this would work well to compliment it.

It would have to be understood that this is strictly a courtesy, not a formal request to be replied to - I'm already anticipating the "I tagged them and they still didn't reply" bullsh*t, but I'd hate for immaturity to hold up a genuine improvement to the site.