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Please Help!

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9/2/2011 2:55:20 AM
Posted: 6 years ago
Any-one who participates in NFL LD, and is debating the topic: "Justice requires the recognition of animal rights" I'm talking to you.
I may or may not (hopefully may) be attending a debate topic under this resolution this Saturday. The problem is that Until a few hours ago, I was under teh assumption that it was going to be the UIL (A prominent debate league in Texas) Resolution: "Capital Punishment in Texas is unjust".
I just don't know if I'll be able to write my cases in time, plus I'm needing to devote some time this weekend to writing canned cases for my freshman LDers under the UIL resolution, as well as revising and editing my own AFF and NEG.

So if any of you have an AFF or a NEG case I could borrow for this weekend, I would be incredibly thankful. My e-mail address is Dakota-Hiltzman(at), so don't waste time post here asking about specifics, if you have a case I could borrow, then please send it to me.

Much love guys!