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Jimtimmy Mobbing Thread

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6/6/2012 12:41:30 AM
Posted: 5 years ago
Yes, another thread about me.

This is a thread so you can all talk about how terrible I am as a person. I know how much you love doing that.

Yes, you can use this thread to talk about how nobody cares enough about me to even talk bad about me (which is odd to say, given that you are taking time to say that).

Andd, if you don't like me making this thread or find me to be an "attention whore" for making this thread, you can either ignore this thread or, even better, talk about how much of an "attention whore" I am.

Mob away!
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6/6/2012 1:27:11 AM
Posted: 5 years ago
At 6/6/2012 1:22:58 AM, TUF wrote:
I think we have a new inferno people!

But I like inferno...
"I love that you dress in repp ties, tweed jackets and khakis."




"Some will sell their dreams for small desires
Or lose the race to rats
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