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Poll results from the Election 2012 poll

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6/26/2012 8:08:45 AM
Posted: 5 years ago
I have analyzed the results that have came in and want to thank the 14 people who answered the questions. Here is what I discovered.

Most desired feature

Team debates and ELO Ratings on profiles are the most popular feature requests that I have received. Team debates are 78.8% of the response whereas ELO 64.3% of the response.

Out of 14 people, only 5 requested user moderators.

Airmax approval

Out of the 14 people, 7 people said that they had no opinion. 6 said "yes" and 1 said "no."

Most important issues

10/14 people said that voting reform was the most important issue to them.

Removing the text confirmation requirement to vote came in second place with 21% or 3/14.

Next election predictions


DDO Quality

8/14 said that they are very happy with DDO.
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