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A Venture, A final message..

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7/21/2012 3:28:28 PM
Posted: 5 years ago
I shall soon be departing to the other side of the globe, i must make this venture for extreme reasons and will not be returning to this land of towns and houses, i shall live the life of a farmer living in an illustrious mansion on the hillside. There is nearly nothing that can be done to stop this from occurring and this venture shall commence in 4 months time, by then the world will have ended and people will accept the flying spaghetti monster as the on true god.

May all of you live in peace as this is probably the last post from the moose.. ever. Most have forgotten the way of the moose, some never knew the moose, but the history will survive, deep in the bowels of Deep inside the debates lay, waiting to be discovered by new and old users alike.

Remember the moose as he once was, remember the luls or what have you. The final message has been sent and this is a true journey i am partaking. It is a permanent move and will be truly incredible. Enjoy the final moments of the moose for those who care for this is my final post.

I bid ye ado those who care or remember
-The Moose-