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OFFICIAL: Suggesting Topics

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9/12/2012 9:40:43 AM
Posted: 5 years ago
Good Morning,

In reading your feedback in response to the Phase Two release (, it became obvious that you would like the capability to add topics to the Opinions section.

While we are working on providing you with a form wherein you can suggest a topic, in the meantime, you can simply send your suggestions to Alex (chrumbelievable) via a private message.

Please make sure to give both the topic and the category under which your topic question falls. Topic questions must be worded in such a way that they warrant a yes/no response.

Correct: Is the sport of football too dangerous?
Incorrect: Should the sport of football do more to prevent head injuries or is that just part of the game?

Notice that in the incorrect example, someone cannot simply answer yes or no. Finally, once you submit your topic suggestion, Alex will review for appropriateness prior to posting. Please note that pending the number of suggestions we receive, not all suggestions are guaranteed to get posted.

Please let me or Alex know if you have any further questions.

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9/12/2012 9:46:32 AM
Posted: 5 years ago
Good idea. I'd recommend, when making the actual allowance for users to add, make them people with 10+ debates, or 100+ opinions, or something like that, to stop masses of the same thing being posted.
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9/12/2012 10:04:22 AM
Posted: 5 years ago


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