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10/29/2012 6:54:22 PM
Posted: 5 years ago
I've not debated yet, just wondered what everybody felt about that?
Honestly I just don't think there's anything worth debating, I don't mean that debating is pointless, I was speaking only for myself.
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: At 6/22/2012 1:46:11 PM, Kinesis wrote:
: Also, as an Englishman I'm obligated to be prejudiced against gingers and the French.

: At 8/27/2012 10:00:07 PM, FREEDO wrote:
: Every self-respecting philosopher needs to smoke a pipe.
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10/30/2012 7:19:48 AM
Posted: 5 years ago
You can go to the Challanges section on this website and usualy find a good debate there, or you can challange someone, also you can also post an open challange.
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