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(DDO) 12 things I will never understand

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5/5/2013 12:50:27 PM
Posted: 4 years ago
Here are some things about DDO I will never understand;

1.) Why people disregard the resolution
2.) Why people disregard the BOP
3.) Why people vote based on something said in the comments
4.) Why voters believe debaters who falsely claim an argument was dropped so they won't have to refute it
5.) Why voters award points that were unearned simply because "they deserve it"
6.) Why voters choose not to award certain points (such as sources, or grammar)
7.) Why people misrepresent arguments that they don't agree with in order to weaken the argument
8.) Why debaters assume winning the debate means they deserved to win (Argumentum ad populum)
9.) Why debaters who win by one vote act like it was a landslide victory
10.) Why people cannot admit they were wrong.
11.) Why people use newspeak (ex. the misuse of words for its association rather than to convey a concept)
12.) Why logic takes a backseat to ideology

Note: "people" refers to debaters, voters, and/or the people in the forums

Everyone on DDO has done at-least 1 of these... Still DDO is more logical than over half of the internet.
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