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DDO The Walking Dead Episode 5

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5/18/2013 6:34:03 PM
Posted: 4 years ago
I sprinted up to the lookout tower, got into position, and immediately looked out the scope towards the sound of the gunfire. I couldn't see a damn thing.

I radioed airmax "How do you turn the night-vision on?"
"Black switch on the side of the gun above the trigger"
Airmax knew his guns alright. I flipped the switch and looked out the scope again, and I f*cking flipped out at what I saw.

Zombies, a thousand of them.

"Airmax there's f*cking thousands of zombies, what do we do???"
"Shoot at them, what do ya think!" He said, I could here the others unloading gunfire in the background. I am freaking the f*ck out now, but I start opening fire on everything that moves.

BANG. I get one in the shoulder
BANG. I hit the same one in the chest, he falls to the ground but trudges on
BANG. I miss his head and hit the knee of the zombie behind him, who falls to the ground
BANG. That one didn't even hit anything. God f*cking dammit, why cant I hit anything??? I look at the scope...... Son-of-a-b*tch it wasn't aligned properly! I lock it in place and start shooting again.

BANG. Headshot.
BANG. Headhsot.
BANG. Double Kill.
My nerves started to settle as I got into a rhythm. It was almost soothing to fire a shot and then see through the scope the cloudy mist appear around a zombies head and then see it collapse to the ground. It doesn't get you're adrenaline going like I thought it would, it just gets you focused.

I fire 12 more shots, all of which are kill shots, but the zombies just keep gaining ground. I panic, and my aim goes completely to hell. In my next 6 shots, only two of them are headshots.

"Airmax there's too many of them, what should we do?"
"Airmax there's too many of them what do we do???"
Still silence. If Airmax got himself killed I'm as good as f*cked.
I look down the scope and fire three more shots, only 1 hits.

A massive explosion goes off in the front of the school. I don't even need to use the scope to see that it must have killed at least 80 zombies. My walkie-talkie crackles to life

"Grenade launcher mother f*cker!!!! HAHAHAHAHAHA" Why'd you stop shooting man we got zombies to kill!" Airmax was having the time of his life apparently.

I reload once again and look down the scope, I fire 6 shots, all of them are direct hits.

Hours pass before I start running low on ammo. Every time the zombies come close to overwhelming us, Airmax uses the grenade launcher and drives them back. For every 1 I kill he and the three new soldiers kill ten, and it was a good thing too because these f*cking zombies just keep coming and coming. Pretty soon I'm down to my last 20 bullets, then my last ten, then my last 3.

"Airmax I am just about out of ammo, how are you holding up?"
I fire once. Headshot.
"Airmax I'm almost out of ammo, are you almost out too?"
I fire again. Headshot
Silence. I wait for a solid ten seconds where I keep calling for airmax, but I'm met with silence. Something is wrong.

I get up and make my way back to our headquarters. I step out into the main hallway and notice that the entrance to the door is hanging slightly open. I jog over to shut it but then right as I get there it bursts open, and a horde of zombies march into the school. I stumble back and fall flat on my a** as the zombies storm in. Two of them spot me and start coming after me, but I scramble to my feet and start running for the back exit. Where the f*ck was Airmax and the others at???

I barge through the door and close them behind me, looking for any sign of Airmax and the three others. I can see though that some of the zombies were now trying to get through the fence that surrounded the school grounds. Where was Airmax, where am I going to go, and why in the flying f*ck were there so many zombies and why were they here???

Then the door behind me bangs. I can hear the zombies on the other side of it trying to force their way through, but I brace against the doors holding them back. Rule number 2 in my notebook, when it comes to fight or flight, fight until you know where you decide to take flight, because fleeing into the unknown is reserved only for the desperate.

I can feel the zombies try to make their way through the door before I figure out where to head, back to UM. I take the metal rod I had with me and use it to lock the doors in place before I sprint to the northern side of the school that was facing UM. I get to the fence and make my way over the top of it, but my leg gets caught on the edge of it and MOTHER F*CKER THAT HURT. I fall flat on my face writhing in pain. I look down at my leg and I have a gash that made Lannan's leg wound look like a paper cut running from my ankle to my knee. There was a lot of blood coming out of it too, but now certainly wasn't the time to sit around and try to patch it up, I had to get the f*ck out of here.

I limp to my feet and glance around, I can see in the distance the horde of zombies making their way around the school trying to find another way in, and I had to get the hell out of there otherwise they make a meal out of me. I start limping for my life towards the highways that separated UM from the middle school, all while keeping an eye out for Airmax or the others. I couldn't hear any gunfire, any shouting, or any signs other signs that they are out there.

I finally make it out onto the highway, but the abandoned cars that clog the streets were going to be a hell of a problem to get around thanks to the gash on my leg. I look around my back and I can see a dozen zombies still trying to make their way around the side of the fence to get into the school. If I could keep quiet and stay low, I can slip away without them ever noticing.

I begin to climb over the hood of the first car, and then the f*cking car alarm goes off.....

I glance behind me and the sound of the car alarm immediately catches the attention of the dozen zombies that would have otherwise walked right past me. Now though the car alarm beams my position to everyone and everything within earshot, and the zombies all start hastily making their way towards me.

I frantically climb over the second car and then make my way over a third car, but I didn't see the shattered glass that was on the ground where I landed, and I go down hard on my stomach. The pain was overwhelming, twice as bad as the initial injury. The good news was that I didn't black out form the pain, but now I couldn't move my leg at all and I was reduced to crawling. I couldn't see how close or far away the zombies were, but their groans were growing louder so I knew that they were gaining on me and fast. I look around and I frantically think what I'm going to do, and then I spot the car that we had pillaged for supplies when we first made our way over to the Middle School.

I hobble over to the car and open the door, a couple of things fall out onto me and I nervously shovel them off of me. I make my way into the car and I can hear the footsteps of the zombies one lane over, so I had to move fast.

I close the door quietly and then immediately start taking supplies and dumping them all over me. Clothes, blankets, pillows, all of it. I make sure every part of my body is covered before I cover my head, then I realize I forgot to lock the f*cking car door.....

It was pitch black underneath all the stuff I had thrown on me, and the only sound I could hear were those of the zombies who were now outside the car. My throbbing leg is paralyzing me in pain and in a matter of minutes, I black out.

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5/18/2013 6:34:56 PM
Posted: 4 years ago
Now that I got a part time job (Math Tutor) Im going to do these on a more weekly basis like I initially promised. Heres a link to the last episode in case you missed it:

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5/18/2013 9:03:30 PM
Posted: 4 years ago
One if the best episodes yet!
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5/27/2013 1:20:42 AM
Posted: 4 years ago
Boom, headshot...
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5/28/2013 7:23:02 AM
Posted: 4 years ago
"Twice as bad?" Yeah... good luck eating bro.
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