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DDO The Walking Dead Episode 7

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6/1/2013 10:01:06 PM
Posted: 4 years ago
I explain to Airmax and the others about my stalker once Pennington and I make our way back to our new hideout in the gun store. I start from square one.

"At UM, I had this stalker. She was the most annoying person in the whole school and ever since she spotted me shes been obsessed with me. Shes asked me out at least a thousand times but no matter how many times I throw up when she asks she keeps asking...."

"Shes that hideous?" Eitan asked
"Yeah. Half her head is shaved while the other half has never even seen a haircut, shes as fat as a whale giving birth to an equally large whale even though shes only 5 foot 10, and shes retarded too. Id say that she was as smart as a sack of hammers, but that would be an insult to the intelligence of a sack of hammers." I can see the looks of disgust in everyone else's faces as they start to get the full picture of who this fat lesbian was.

I continue "The most annoying thing about her is that she is a die hard Christian who is so religious she makes Michelle Bachmann look like Michael Moore. She hates evolution, she hates gay marriage, she hates interracial marriage, she thinks its still a sin to be left handed.... Shes so f*cked up in the head that she pretty much deserves to get ripped limb by limb by zombies at this point."

"Sounds like she deserves it, whats her name?" Pennington asked
"Her name............................................ Is Anti-Atheist"
"Wait, Anti-Atheist??..... Isnt she that girl who tried to have sex with a monkey that had Aids at the Miami Zoo?" Lord_Knuckle asked incredulously
"No, she did not try to have sex with an Aids monkey..... She SUCCEEDED at having sex with an Aids monkey......." I explained
"I heard that the monkey hung itself after it ended" Airmax said
"He did.... And so did the police officer who had to break it up" - Pennington
"Wait, wasnt the whole thing recorded and put on youtube?" Lord_Knuckle asked
"Yeah, its titled: Some fat a** gorilla has sex with an Aids gorilla" Airmax said as he snickered
"Wait, if shes a dumba** how did she get accepted into UM?" - Pennington
"She didnt get accepted, she works there as a janitor"
"How did she survive this long in the apocalypse if shes such an idiot?"
"No idea"

The conversation went on for a while as I told story after story of Anti-Atheists idiocy... Before we knew it, nightfall had arrived. We made sure all the doors in the gun store were locked, ate and drank the last of our supplies (the rest was still in the school somewhere), and then went to sleep. It was the first time in a long, long time that I just got sit around and tell stories with friends before drifting off to sleep, even though I only met three of these guys like a day ago.


We woke up the next morning freezing our a**es off. Winter was coming, our food supplies are diminished and we had just about picked the surrounding suburbs clean... On top of that there was still the horde of dead zombies who died from unknown causes lying around everywhere, and for some reason they all had died only near the gun store, the middle school, and the nearby highway.... Everywhere else was simply deserted as if the zombies simply fled from whatever force killed off a whole mass of them all at once. On top of that nobody even knew where all those zombies who ended up dead came from in the first place. So many questions but no answers.

"Should we start repairing the school again?" - I asked. It held up a hurricane and an all out invasion but it was in a dilapidated state right now, possibly beyond repair
"Not worth it, there isnt enough supplies to keep us here longer anyways, everywhere nearby is picked clean" - Airmax muttered
"Where are we going to go then?" I asked
Airmax looked at Eitan, Pennington, and LK
"We were fleeing south from Miami which has turned into a complete warzone, we were just planning on heading South until we found some place to hole up for a bit" - LK
"Everyone else in the city had decided to flee to the north so we decided to head south to avoid being caught in the hell that ensued..." - Eitan
"We did consider going west but we decided to go South so that if worse came to worse we could stick along the host and maybe find a ship or something" - Pennington
"Do we head South or West then? Assuming we cant stay here"
Airmax nodded, but he didnt seem to thrilled about either option.
"UM is located in a massive suburb which means there is danger all around. If we head south we'll walk straight into Homestead which is even denser suburb. On the other hand though if we head west theres suburbs that go straight into the Everglades which is just as hostile as the suburbs." Airmax elaborated further. "We have a warzone to the North, a mine field to the South, and a hell hole to the West, and out backs are pinned against the wall so we cant head East"

"How about we just go look for supplies and then we can decide what to do later?" Eitan said.
"We should probably check some of the cars for maps of Miami and lower Florida so that if we do decide to move somewhere we know where we're going." - LK
"Lets do it" Airmax said. We armed ourselves and headed out.

We started going through cars one by one, we targeted cars with out of state license plates because Airmax pointed out that cars from out of the state likely belong to people who didnt live in Florida, meaning they would need maps and stuff to know where they were going. It wasnt long before we found a GPS that didnt have a dead battery.

"Looks like an old Garmin" Airmax commented.
"Can you get it to work?" - LK asked
"Should be pretty easy. Ill toy with this, you guys keep poking through cars and see if you can get any supplies. Look for coats though, its getting cold and we're going to need them no matter what we decide to do"

Airmax stayed put, LK and Pennington went one way, Eitan and I went another. We poked through cars trying to find anything that might be helpful but a lot of them looked to already have been ransacked or were empty.

"Where do you think we should go if we dont stay here?" Eitan asked me
"Wherever Airmax decides, he knows more about the surrounding suburbs then any of us"
"I think we should head further South and make our way down to the Keys if we have to, it sh- ARG" Eitan fell hard on his face, he tripped over one of the zombie bodies.

"F*cking hell, can you give me a hand I think im stuck"
I set down my stuff and start pushing bodies aside to get Eitans leg free"

Then a zombie lurches upwards at me.

I manage to get my arm up and I elbow it in the face. Eitan frees his leg and starts backing up frantically as I try to keep the zombie off of me.

"EITAN, SHOOT IT" I yell as I struggle to keep it off me. Other zombies start moving though and we both realize that these zombies were coming back to life again.

Then Eitan just runs away

God f*cking dammit Eitan! I shove off the zombie and manage to pull out my gun and shoot it. I shoot at a couple others that also started moving and before I knew it they ALL started moving.

F*ck f*ck f*ck f*ck f*ck, I drop everything and start hauling a** back to where Airmax and the others were. I can hear gunfire and see zombies start popping up from off the ground left and right.

Finally I meet up with Airmax and the others who are shooting every zombie they see, sheer panic in all of their eyes

"We're cut off from the gun store and we need to get out of here now!" Airmax yells
"Lets head over to UM we can hide in there somewhere" I yell back to him.

We fight our way over to UM and we almost get overwhelmed by zombies. Airmax and I led the way while the three others covered us. We manage to kill at least 30 of them before we finally make it into UM. We manage to haul a** into the middle of the empty campus and take shelter in the UM food court.

Then Anti-Atheist shows up

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6/1/2013 10:41:38 PM
Posted: 4 years ago
Rationalmadman will be very pleased
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6/1/2013 11:05:58 PM
Posted: 4 years ago
At 6/1/2013 10:41:38 PM, 1Historygenius wrote:
Rationalmadman will be very pleased

Ah crap, I meant to put Anti-Atheists name in all the places where RM's name was....

I just realized I posted an older version of the story where I hadnt updated all the names correctly >.>

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6/2/2013 7:12:46 AM
Posted: 4 years ago
THANK YOU for successfully bombing on anti-atheist it really worked
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6/3/2013 3:44:33 PM
Posted: 4 years ago
This one was great! Made me lol.
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