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DDO The Walking Dead Episode 10

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6/27/2013 3:35:31 PM
Posted: 4 years ago
Ryuu just tried to shoot LK.
LK pulled out a gun and pointed it at Ryuu,
Airmax pulled out a gun and pointed it at Ryuu,
Ryuu pulled out another gun and pointed it at Airmax,
Airmax pulled out a second pistol of his own and pointed it at LK,
I pulled out my gun and then pointed it back and forth between Ryuu and LK.
"Thett, your holding your gun upside down" Airmax said
f*cking hell. I flipped it over and tried to wake up as to why we were suddenly in a standoff...

Ryuu spoke first "Step away from my sh*t"
"You have a ton of it when we're all forced to carry pistols with barely any ammo!"
"Step. Away. From. My Sh*t." Ryuu said. His eyes looked like he was about to morph into a f*cking lion and tear LK limb from limb.
"LK why are you going through Ryuu's stuff?" Airmax asked
"He's hoarding all the guns which if he's going to stay with us he should give us some"
"What is this, Communist Russia? My sh*t belongs to me not you" Ryuu said to LK still on the verge of going into animal mode
"If you want to stay in our group you need to give us some weapons" LK said
"LK shut the f*ck up, Ryuu is getting us to a plane to get us out of here remember?" Airmax said
"We don't even know where the f*ck we are going to fly to though! If I'm going to risk my life for a Hail Mary then I'm doing it with more then just a pistol with 6 bullets left"
"Would you prefer I just left your sorry a** at the Dining Hall where you were going to be devoured by zombies? Ill happily knock your a** out and drag you back there myself" Ryuu muttered through gritted teeth.

Nobody said anything for an entire minute. Everyone just pointing guns back and forth between people. Then Airmax broke the silence

"LK lower the gun and leave Ryuu's stuff alone"
"I want, no I NEED another gun and Ryuu has f*cking nine of them."
"I don't give a f*ck, those are my guns and mine alone. If you don't like it then f*cking GET YOUR OWN"
I piped up "Guys this isn't exactly a bunker, there are walking undead people outside who can hear us you know!"
"The easiest way to do that will be to have LK LEAVE MY SH*T ALONE" Ryuu said. His neck vein was almost ready to pop out. if he did he probably would use it to strangle LK to death....

"I have an idea, lets fight for it" LK said
"Oh for f*cks sake" Airmax said
I started laughing and so did Ryuu
"What you think you're tougher then me?" LK said
"Dude, he's the size of f*cking Rambo and you kinda look like McLovin from Superbad, its going to be a disaster" I giggled
"Your friend is right, you don't stand a chance" Ryuu said

That's when LK launched at Ryuu

Unfortunately for LK, nobody knew at the time that Ryuu was skilled in Karate, Kung Fu, Martial Arts, and also was the three time state champion in Wrestling.

What followed was the biggest and greatest a** whipping in history.....

For ten minutes Ryuu put foot to a** on LK, you couldn't go five seconds without seeing Ryuu punching LK hard in the throat, jaw, stomach, or the face.... Every once in a while a tooth would come flying out of LK's mouth and land somewhere nearby, but me and Airmax just sat there and let the two work it out.

Then Ryuu delivered a roundhouse kick that would have made Chuck Norris proud. It sent LK through the wall into the next room.

Yes, he went THROUGH the wall.....

With the fight over and LK knocked the f*ck out, Ryuu brushed the sweat off his brow and proceeded on taking inventory of all his stuff. Airmax carefully went to go check on LK while I just sat there gaping at Ryuu.... I'm sure I looked like the surprised patrick meme....

Ryuu saw me agape at him and he simply brushed me off.
"Good news, All my stuff is still here" Ryuu
"Well I got some bad news over here" Airmax said in the other room.
Ryuu and I exchanged glances and then made our way through the LK sized hole in the wall over to where Airmax was. Airmax got down to one knee and flipped over LK onto his back

"Holy sh*t" Ryuu said.
LK had a metal rod going through his left eye and coming out of his right ear.....
Airmax just looked at LK while I looked at Ryuu, who couldn't bring himself to look at LK. For ten minutes nobody moved or said anything before we all agreed to go back into the other room and try to get some rest.

Before I went to sleep I added another thing to my journal of rules which I tweaked a bit. Rather then being arranged in any order I simply wrote them down as they came and then wrote a number next to it. the number was on a scale of 1-10, 1 being a minor rule and a 9 being one of the most important rules to follow.

10 was reserved for whatever kills me.

I added rule number 18 "Don't ever touch another guys stuff without getting approval" I wrote a 9 next to it and then dozed off


When I woke up, I was surprised I had even gone to sleep in the first place. Airmax and Ryuu though didn't get much sleep, evidently they talked almost all night about what happened and agreed that sh*t happens. They then dragged LK's body out into the backyard and started packing up everything.

As we walked out of the house Ryuu stopped us and handed us each a handgun with 30 rounds of ammo.
I looked at Airmax to see what to do. He casually took the gun and placed his other one in his pocket. I did the same.

And we set off.


We've been walking for hours. We took some detours now and again to avoid some packs of zombies in the streets, but other then that we were making decent time. On the way we even found a gun store called 'Security Arms International' along US 1 after getting some supplies from an abandoned shopping center.

It was a pretty quiet trip though. The only time anyone said anything was when a zombie was spotted and when we took a detour. Both of them still seemed shook up about LK's death, but it didn't bug me a lot since I didn't know LK that well. It also didn't help that he hilariously got his a** kicked before he died either.

"Wait." Ryuu said as he held his hand up
We stopped and gripped our guns a little tighter expecting a zombie
"Its right up there" Ryuu said pointing to the edge of what looked like the shopping mall we were looking for.

15 minutes later we were there, but the place was a mess. It must have taken a pounding from the hurricane, if it wasn't that then it must have been bombed, set on fire, or both.

"Should we go in? It actually looks like someone tried to barricade it" I asked
"We're low on water and we had no luck at that other mall, we should pick through it real quick and see if we find anything" Ryuu said
Airmax sighed. "Picking through the houses didn't do as much good and I doubt that'll change. Lets go and check it out"
"Up there, there's a sign of all the stores inside" I pointed out.

We hustled over and started combing through the list

"There's a Starbucks, a Mrs Fields, A Red Robin, A Johnny Rockets-"
"Sweet they have a Gamestop!" I said as I interrupted Airmax
They both just stared at me.
"Oh right, apocalypse, f*ck"

Someone did try to fortify the place, but we got passed the defenses pretty easily. I crawled in and right as we started to look around, four guys came and surrounded us.

They were all teenagers, pretty damn skinny, and all of them were pretty well armed. They looked scared as hell though.

"We just came looking for some water, we don't want any trouble" Ryuu said.
"Names!" One of them yelled
"Airmax, Ryuu, and this is Thett. And you guys are?:

One lowered their weapon and stepped forward.

"This is DetectableNinja, Phantom, Smithereens, and my name is Johnnyboy54"

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6/27/2013 3:38:55 PM
Posted: 4 years ago
10 episodes :D

Characters who have already been introduced and are either alive or brutally killed off

1 - Thett3
2 - Maikuru (Dead, Zombified, Bit by Lannan, Shot by Airmax)
3 - Noumena (Dead, Revenge killed by Airmax)
4 - lannan13 (Dead, Zombified from leg infection, Shot by Airmax)
5 - 16kadams (Dead, Accidentally shot by Noumena, Killed by Airmax)
6 - Airmax
7 - Pennington (Dead, Zombified, Killed by Ryuu)
8 - LordKnuckle
9 - Eitan_Zohar (Dead, Bit by Pennington, Killed by Ryuu)
10 - RyuuKyuzo
11 - Anti Atheist (Dead, shot numerous times by Airmax, Killed by Ryuu)
12 - DetectableNinja
13 - Phantom
14 - Smithereens
15 - Johnnyboy54

To be introduced:

16 - Cybertron
17 - Frackjack
18 - Drafterman
19 - Antidoter
20 - DoubtingDave
21 - AMTY
22 - Citra
23 - Ragnar
24 - Cermank
25 - 1HistoryGenius
26 - TUF
27 - Magic8000
28 - OberHerr
29 - Daytona
30 - Zaradi
31 - J.Y.A.A.
32 - Crypto
33 - Sarcastic Indeed
34 - Bullish
35 - Muzebreak

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6/27/2013 6:07:17 PM
Posted: 4 years ago
That was quick.
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7/1/2013 2:13:21 AM
Posted: 4 years ago
At 6/27/2013 6:07:17 PM, lannan13 wrote:
That was quick.

HEY. Airmax DID kill 16k.
: At 8/8/2013 6:15:09 PM, AnDoctuir wrote:
: The idiots are rebelling.
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7/12/2013 3:41:16 PM
Posted: 4 years ago
Wait, I want in on this
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7/12/2013 3:41:47 PM
Posted: 4 years ago
At 7/12/2013 3:41:16 PM, Nidhogg wrote:
Wait, I want in on this

And I want to kill anti-Atheist (again)
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