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DDO's Vent Thread *

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10/24/2013 11:46:36 AM
Posted: 4 years ago
Should I vent today about whats going on here right now. Wow, this place has been fast asleep over the past few weeks. I understand why this may be, but this is absolutely ridiculous ! LOL ! Whats going on with the World Series now. So the ratings are gonna be up this year because we have two of the biggest names, other than the Yankees, playing for the title right now. Awww, thats so cute. Baseball still sucks and you know it too. I would rather watch paint dry on a brick wall. Why is it so cold outside now ? I was watching the weather channel this morning. And it was 10 degrees warmer in Boston, MA than it was here in South Carolina ! Hows that global warming coming along you guys. LOL ! Dont u just hate hypersensitive people during the Holidays. Who are all of these wierd new people at DDO. Cant even hold a normal conversation with some of ya..... Its like being in a funeral home. Good gosh ! =)