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DDO The Walking Dead Episode 23

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11/5/2013 9:52:07 PM
Posted: 4 years ago
(Sorry for being late, long story)

(When we left off Thett and the few survivors from the Island recently met Daytona, Ober, and Magic)

"Who knows what Mr. God's real name is?" - Thett
"While Mr. God is the outright leader, he for some reason has a second in command who he regularly consults with" - Ober
"The guy's name is Zaradi, and apparently he has been close to Mr. God before the zombies ever came" - Magic
"What is he like? Im guessing he's as bat sh*t insane as Mr. God" - YYW

"Actually he's not. He's a pretty chill guy, pretty old, balding, and I'm fairly certain he's some kind of scientist because he knows an a**load about electronics and stuff." - Daytona

"Wait, he knew Mr. God BEFORE the zombies came?" - Thett
"We think so, but we've only been here for a few months now" - Magic
"We got picked up in North Bahama by these guys who were trying to rebuild some new country, but there were so many zombies they just couldn't do it." - Ober
"We got captured at our little town in South Bimini, except there were a lot of us and the Nazi's killed most of them before leaving"

"If Mr. God intends to build a new society then why not start in Bimini? That place was zombie free for f*cks sake" - Antidoter
"Your Island was completely zombie free????" - Ober
"Yep, though the one right next to us was overrun pretty fast" - YYW
"We had it pretty easy for the past ten years, how did you guys survive?"- Thett

"The three of us came from another Bahama Island called 'Eleuthera'. Population there before the outbreak was only a few thousand, and its a long, winding, snake-shaped Island so we were able to fortify half of it and dig in." - Daytona

"Then for about 9 years everything was pretty decent, until Mr. God and his ilk showed up" - Ober
"We think Mr. God was in the Bahamas Navy, since these 4 ships meet the exact profiles for the Bahama navy when they were last recorded"

"So Mr. God is a soldier?" - Phantom
"We don't think so. One of the Bahama natives we knew told us that the Bahama navy was used mostly to fight drug trafficking, poachers, and immigration enforcement." - Ober
"We think he's just a regular sailor who inherited the Bahama navy when the apocalypse broke out." - Daytona

"Lucky son of a b*tch" - Magic
"What else do you know about Mr. God? How does he keep control over all this?"

All of them exchanged nervous glances. Only after a while did Ober speak

"When the Apocalypse first happened..... Mr God convinced everyone he was chosen by God to help humanity survive" - Ober
"And how'd he do that exactly?" - YYW
"Legend has it, he walked straight through a swarm of zombies completely unarmed, and they all just mysteriously dropped dead" - Daytona

"You're sh*tting me" - Antidoter
"How could that possibly have happened?" - Phantom
"I don't know but apparently it happened, because those who saw it became fiercely loyal to Mr. God ever since, and have followed him and his every decision without any objection for over ten years now" - Ober

"But how is that even possible?? Zombies just don't drop dead for no reason!" - Phantom
"Actually they do, I saw something like it once" I said

Everyone looked at me in shock confusion as I recalled one of my earliest memories from the outbreak.

When I was on the run and ran into Airmax, me and him both barely survived a massive horde of zombies because for some reason they simply dropped dead. I was knocked out and didn't actually see them fall, and the zombies only stayed dead for like two days before they all came back, but Ive witnessed zombies simply dropping dead before"

"Did anyone actually cause it though or take credit for it?" - Ober
"No, thats the weird thing. It just happened out of nowhere and none of us knew why"

"Anyways..... So Mr God pulls off this miracle and convinces people to become Nazi's and remake society to his will..... If he knows how to kill zombies without shooting them or anything then why cant he do that now?" - Phantom

"Beats the sh*t out of us, but for the higher up guys its good enough proof for them." - Daytona
"He also keeps people in line by rewarding those who dont question his history or decisions, and higher ranking people are allowed to absolutely torture those ranked below them which is how he keeps regular people under his power" - Ober

"How does he keep captured recruits in line?" - Antidoter

They all paused again and exchanged nervous glances. This time Daytona spoke first

"In the past, Mr God used to take those who acted out the most, put them under some kind of morphine, and then have Zaradi surgically remove their eyes so that they would be blind and used as zombie bait....."

We all were taken aback by how cruel Mr. God could be. Just about all of us cursed or grimaced when Daytona explained it to us.

"Im scared to ask, but you said he USED to drug people and then remove their eyes, what does he do now?" - YYW
"Well he ran out of drugs so now he restrains them and cuts them out when they are still awake" - Ober

It took us a while for that to sink in

"So just to summarize. Mr God pulled off some kind of miracle to get people to follow him, he inherited the Bahama navy purely by luck, and he keeps people in line by taking the biggest rebels and cutting out their eyes in front of everyone else???" - Me

"Theres also the policy of no old people, sick people, minorities, gays, or anyone else who cant carry their own weight according to Mr God." - Ober
"Well we knew that one already" - YYW
"Yeah out entire town was mostly retired people who were put to death by these Nazi's" - Me

All of a sudden there was a loud buzzing sound like that of a car elevator opening, followed by an announcement made from a yelling Nazi


"Geez talk about a guy with an annoying a** german accent" - YYW
"Oh yeah thats Crypto.... Hes the guy who is in charge of all the new recruits. Hes an obnoxious a** a lot, but his assistant who also watches over us is actually pretty reasonable for a Nazi." - Ober

"Yeah everyone likes Sarcastic_Indeed more then Crypto around here, Sarcastic is the assistants name" - Daytona
"See you guys later!" - Ober

We all said our goodbyes and we were led to our new room by none other then Crypto himself, who barked out rules and orders the whole time. I didn't hear any of them though, I was glancing around trying to see where the others were, and if I saw this guy Zaradi somewhere. I don't know why I cared so much about finding out Mr. God's real name, but it felt like if I knew it then it would give insight into knowing everything I needed to know about this guy...... And how to bring him down.

After a while we came to our room, and It was one small room with two tiny a** bunk beds against each wall. I normally like bunk beds, but this was as issue since the room itself was only about 6 feet wide and 8 feet tall. It was cramped as hell and felt like being inside a damn sardine can. Everything was grey and peeling, the only thing with color in the room was one of the mattress that appeared to be covered in old blood stains.

"Where do we go to the bathroom?"

He then shoved us inside, shut the door, and locked it. He locked the door from the OUTSIDE, which means we were locked in..... With a bucket for a toilet and nothing else.

"Well this sucks major d*ck..." - Me
"Hey guys, I think that mush I ate for dinner gave me Diarrhea" - Antidoter

Ok, NOW this sucks major d*ck.....

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11/5/2013 11:22:35 PM
Posted: 4 years ago
At 11/5/2013 11:19:36 PM, Zaradi wrote:


You are old and balding dude....
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: At 11/12/2016 11:49:40 PM, Raisor wrote:
: thett was right
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11/5/2013 11:26:12 PM
Posted: 4 years ago
At 11/5/2013 11:22:35 PM, thett3 wrote:
At 11/5/2013 11:19:36 PM, Zaradi wrote:


You are old and balding dude....

Well sure but I was hoping for a change...
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11/6/2013 4:57:02 PM
Posted: 4 years ago
I love my character in this. If I may submit one request, it is this.

If I kill any zombies in this, may I start singing 'Another One Bites the Dust'?
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11/9/2013 1:58:35 PM
Posted: 4 years ago
At 11/6/2013 4:59:33 PM, YYW wrote:
Is there a main index for all of these? There should be lol

This is getting pretty good.

every ten episodes or so i make an index summary for the series ;D

Episodes 1-10:
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