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READ: DDO Users Wanted for Paid Development

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11/18/2013 1:55:18 PM
Posted: 4 years ago
For questions regarding the DDO developer position, please see the following Q&A forum thread: Users,

Over the past 12 months, has grown from 10,000 daily visitors to 140,000 users per day.

Due to traffic growth and the legacy debate platform we inherited when we acquired the site, our three developers dedicated to have been working extensively on back-end infrastructure and performance optimizations to ensure reliability for our rapidly growing user base.

Unfortunately, this mission critical work has slowed our new feature development to a halt. Features like team and video debates, bug fixes and UI enhancements among other things have been largely neglected during this necessary maintenance and code improvement project.

On a positive note, during the past year we have aggregated a list of important feature requests from our members, and have recently decided to hire several additional developers to work on new features and functionality. The goal is to work on new features while our core internal engineers continue working on site performance improvements.

Over the years, several DDO members who are engineers and developers have expressed interest in helping code new features and functionality for the site. While we have begun recruiting efforts in the St. Louis area, we are also entertaining the idea of hiring off-site DDO members that possess the skills and desire to code DDO. We particularly like the idea of hiring DDO members because there is no one else with a better understanding of how the site works, the areas and features that require improvement.

If you are interested in a full-time or part-time development opportunity with DDO, please see the detailed job description below and contact me, chrumbelievable ( You will be asked to e-mail me a resume that details your skills and experience, and after that a phone interview will be arranged.

Again, job openings for qualified DDO members are available for full-time and part-time work and the positions will be paid. We aren't looking for charity workers.

Ideal candidates have experience with front-end development, including SQL, C#, javascript, jQuery and classic ASP (We inherited the platform written in classic ASP and have been migrating portions of it to We are looking for passionate, competent, and responsible people to join the team--users committed to enhancing the platform. Please see the full job description below.

If DDO members are hired for a development role, clearly they will work off-site (unless they are from the St. Louis area and want to work in-house) and will correspond with the technical team on a regular basis. Self-sufficiency, time management and commitment are clearly important to making this project successful.

Compensation for development work will be paid hourly or on a per-project basis depending on the size and scope of the work.

We are looking to fill several positions by mid-December.

If you have questions, please visit this forum thread:

You may also message me, chrumbelievable (

We look forward to hearing from you.

Chrumbelievable Community Manager

For questions regarding the DDO developer position, please see the following Q&A forum thread:
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11/18/2013 1:55:35 PM
Posted: 4 years ago
For questions regarding the DDO developer position, please see the following Q&A forum thread:

Role Description

Title: Software Developer (ASP/, C#)


Reports to: Team Lead of Development

Collaborators: Works across the business with engineers, project managers, product experts, other team members and the community

About is the industry leader in online debate communities, providing users with a unique platform to formally debate and voice their opinions on the most controversial topics in the world today. We specialize in providing a top-tier user experience that allows people from all across the world to share their viewpoints and engage in meaningful discussion about the issues that matter. As a Software Engineer for, you will join a mission critical team that is responsible for the planning, strategy and development of our core software. Join a team on a mission to change the way the world debates!

Primary purpose of the role: is seeking a talented and energetic Software Developer with a passion for software development. This individual will leverage his/her strong work ethic, natural problem-solving skills, and a positive "can-do" attitude to develop, edit and update programs and applications in support of community needs and business initiatives.

Main Responsibilities:

-Develops and maintains applications, features, and functionality of's core software

-Works with team members to prioritize community feature requests based on value to community and level of effort needed to complete

-Assists in acting as a liaison between the community and the development team

-If not located in the St. Louis area, must have the ability to work remotely and to communicate with in-house staff members on a regular basis

-Diligently documents software changes

-Works with quality assurance team to ensure the software meets all technical specifications and resolves issues in a timely manner

-Provides development insight and value-added recommendations towards the design, development, and all other aspects of the software development lifecycle

-Regularly communicates with Team Lead of Development, Project Manager, and team members, relaying information critical to business objectives; asks questions, provides status updates and progress reports

-Applies strong problem-solving skills to resolve technical issues

-Manages projects and tasks through distractions, following through on meeting/exceeding assigned goals and projects

-Maintains technical and communicative thoroughness and attention to detail

-Learns new and advanced business processes, metrics, planning strategies and decision-making skills to foster engineering for business agility culture

-Other duties as assigned

Requirements for the Role:

-2-5 years professional web development experience which includes:
a. Experience with classic ASP and, C#, SQL, javascript/jQuery and CSS preferred
b. Experience with Object Oriented analysis, design, and programming techniques

-Bachelor's Degree in Engineering, Computer Science/Programming or related field preferred

-Strong desire to learn and grow as a developer

-Ability to work both independently and collaboratively with a team (working remote if necessary)

-Ability to manage multiple projects and priorities

-Ability to contribute to projects from start to finish

-Excellent verbal and written communication skills

-Experience working on large or complex sites/applications

At their sole discretion, Juggle Management reserves the right to substitute education for experience and vice versa where they deem such appropriate.

For questions regarding the DDO developer position, please see the following Q&A forum thread: