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DDO Hide and Seek Episode 2

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11/24/2013 2:36:53 PM
Posted: 4 years ago
0100 Day one
Thett saw Magic run into his alley and grasps him into the dumpster he was hiding in.

Thett "You idiot, don"t send Batman in here. He is probably done counting."

Magic "Easy. Don"t be such a Nazi."

Thett "Don"t make me kick you in the nuts. Do you have a better plan?"

Magic ""We can"t hide here forever."

The dumpster was one of those big ones that you can actually hide in, and it was in the shade of the building it was propped up against. Luckily, it had some holes in it so even if the lid was closed you can still see.

Thett "Magic."

Magic "What?"

Thett "I"m going to slightly lift the lid, and you are going to see out. Tell me what you see."

Thett lifts the lid about a few inches to allow Magic see out, but not to make noise when he closes it. Thett also lifts Magic on his hand, still using his other hand for lifting the lid.

Magic "So far, I"m just seeing a lot of people. I see a cable news network, though. "

Thett "wtf is a cable news network doing here? Any thing else?"

Magic "Just abo"OH SH!T! IT"S BATMAN!"

Thett "Sh!t. What"s he doing?"

Magic "He isn"t doing much. Just pacing around."

Thett closes the lid quickly and hopes Batman didn"t see him.


Mikal is at the 3rd floor of the Parking garage. Mikal can easily jump building to building with ease, assuming he isn"t being obvious about it.
Mikal thinks about his next move.


Mikal "Is that you TDK?"


Mikal doesn"t want to. Batman may have finished courting and he couldn"t risk helping TDK.

Mikal glances out to the streets below and sees Batman move towards the Parking Garage.


TDK "Sh!t."

At this point, Mikal is practically pushing TDK and by the time they were at the roof, Batman was alerted of their presence.

TDK "Hurry! Jump to another building!"

Both hear a sound and run to jump to a nearby building.
They both safely land and turn around to see Batman doing the same thing.

Mikal "I have an idea"

Mikal jumps to a building and opening a window.
Batman at this point is in the air.

Mikal "Come this away quickly."

TDK follows Mikal and both quickly jump in as they barely close the window and lock it on Batman.

TDK "This wouldn"t hold him."

Mikal nods in agreement.

TDK "Where do we run to?"

Mikal "Away."

Mikal and TDK run though the office building making sure not to leave a trail.
TDK feels a breeze above him and Lo and behold, it"s an air vent. TDK shoves Mikal in the air vent without warning and gets in there himself.
Batman passes right by them. Batman judges his attempt to find them a failure and leaves the building. He also ponders he next move.

However Batman knows he needs outside help.

What Batman needs is a Police Scanner. The NYPD wouldn"t lend a police scanner to a vigilante even if it"s a famous vigilante. But Batman has no choice. Batman looks around, and sure enough, there is a police officer.

Batman "Excuse me, sir."

The police officer was surprised. He looked around to make sure that Batman was talking to him.

Officer "Batman? It"s an honor. What is it sir?

Batman "Can you give me connections to a police scanner?
Time: 0150 Day one
TA is now in an office break room. Having charmed his way in and flirted with the female staff, he turns on the TV.
Every TV station has the Hide and Seek game being featured. TA smirks. He can see every move Batman makes. For once, the media did something good for once. It would be clear who Batman was based on his uniform, so unless Batman taken off his uniform, TA will know where he is.
TA sees Batman leave a building and talks to a police man. TA frowns, and It doesn"t take a genius to know what Batman wants from the Officer. TA needed to leave. Already there were people noticing his presence. TA has taken his leave. TA, being the sly devil he is, even had the time to flirt with the secretary and leave his number and sneak out.
Time: 0200 Day 1

Yay sits in a dark corner of the Bar with TUF.

TUF "What"s the plan?"

Yay "We have drinks and sneak out the back."

TUF "Don"t you want to know where Batman is?"

Yay "TUF, it"s an hour in the game. I doubt we"ll walk on in him in a fluke of luck."

TUF "Hey. Check out the TV. It"s Batman."

Yay "Batman?"

TUF "Yup."

Yay "Who"s he with? The police?"

TUF "We need to move. He is getting the police involved."

TUF and Yay both rush out the door and sneak into the sewers. Even if Batman found them, he has to rush after them, and Batman"s suit won't be of any service. Even then, TUF and Yay would make some leeway.

Batman "I let you escape this time."

Time: 0220 Day one

Batman is in a Black Police van. Batman is ready and is dressed as Bruce Wayne.

"Sir, as we clearly see, we have notices of some players enter an office and not leave it. People in the original crowd also saw 4 people enter the manholes at different locations."

Batman "That"s only 6 players. Where is the rest?

"We don"t know."

Batman "Fair enough. Where is the nearest manhole?"

"It"s just down the street. Do you want the police to block the exit?"

Batman "I"ll like that. Thank you."
0230 Day one
Cyber is running in the sewers. He noticed people saw him enter. Sh!t. Will they rat me out? Do they even know to call the police? Do they side with me or against me?
Cyber couldn"t have gone back.
That"s when Cyber noticed he been followed. And also when he had the NYPD in front of him. Cyber was trapped.


"wtf are these guys" Cyber thought.

The police walked toward Cyber


Cyber did nothing.

The police knocked Cyber down.


Cyber calmly does nothing. Not like it matters, Cyber will just throw the b!tch in the
sh!tty water.


"You are under arrest for resisting arrest."

Fvcking b!tch. I'll cut you.

Cyber uses his obvious power to flip the officer over the railing into the river of sh!t. Too bad Cyber was uncuffed. He goes to the other police officer and does the same thing.
That"s when Cyber heard the voices.

"Hey did you hear that?


"Did John fail to cuff Cyber?"

Cyber at this point could hear even their footsteps.

"Don"t worry fellas, Batman is here"

Cyber needed a cover. They would clearly know what happened once they saw "John".
Cyber looks around.
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11/24/2013 3:55:46 PM
Posted: 4 years ago
I like this! :D

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11/24/2013 10:16:38 PM
Posted: 4 years ago
Why does Batman seem dumb?
Im pretty sure there were moments where he could have got someone
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11/25/2013 6:32:38 AM
Posted: 4 years ago
With the spider torso comes wall crawling
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11/25/2013 8:35:44 AM
Posted: 4 years ago
When do I come in? :(
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11/25/2013 8:59:34 AM
Posted: 4 years ago
Dat secratary's number, i'll hang onto that.

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11/25/2013 9:19:17 AM
Posted: 4 years ago
At 11/25/2013 8:35:44 AM, PatriotPerson wrote:
When do I come in? :(

Next episode.

I cant fit everyone in a single episode because it is disorganizing.