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Hide and Seek Episode 3

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12/8/2013 3:56:35 PM
Posted: 4 years ago
0240 Day 1

Cyber looked around for anything he can to escape Batman. He could:

1. Jump in the shitty water and escape that way.
2. He could escape through another manhole.
3. Or just run.

"Sh!t." Cyber says. Cyber thinks the fastest way is to ride the river out of the sewers.Cyber jumps in and prepares for the unexpected.

The river is enough for a human to buoy through. Cyber capitalizes on the current and let it carry him. As Cyber looks around he sees Batman right behind him. Batman was swimming too, so Cyber needed to swim as hard as he can. Cyber probably had a few heart attacks when he recoils from the spray of piss and sh!t. Cyber thinks he is entering the exit when he starts to slow down. He tries to shake his legs, but to no avail.Cyber shakes harder and feels slime on his legs.

Cyber screams the horror that is being covered in sh!t. And that was the least of the problems. Batman is closing in. Cyber is in a trance when he feels a light tap.

"You're out."

5 hours later

Imabench is holed up in a dilapidated hell-hole that must have come from fvcking Detroit or Hiroshima in 1945. He himself was find. He had plenty of water and had enough SpaghettiOs to last the 2 weeks.

Imabench was peeking out of a hole from the wall of his safehouse and saw people around. Batman may still be around.

Either way Imabench was hungry. He went down to his stash and grapped 2 cans of food and started to make them.

There was a knock at the door. Imabench flips out.
What if it's Batman? Then again, if that was Batman, then Batman has impeccable manners, as he would knock first before tagging Imabench out. Ima looks out of his peekhole and sees Classic.
Imabench lets Classic in.

"Thanks, mate." Classic
"What do you know?" Ima
"About what? Classic
"Where Batman is." Ima
"To be fair, I dont know. Batman tagged out Cyber a while back in the sewers, but after that, I dont know. "

"Did you see Batman?" Ima
"Then how did you know?" Ima
"The police's prensence."
"I found a lot of police loitering around outside." Ima

Ima waves Classic to follow him. Classic is shown through deeper in Ima's safe house and is then shown the bathroom. The bathroom is in the back of the house and has a hole leading outside where there are stairs to the roof. This is a escape route, Classic thought.

"If need be, we'll escape here." Ima


Patriot is in hiding with a wellwisher who is camping for the week. The well-wisher seemed to know enough about camping so Patriot is sure this isn't Batman incognito.
The camper nervously shifts in his spot and tries to break the ice.

"So, how are you? "
"Fine." Patriot
"Alright you don't trust me. I get that. Just rest up."

Patriot takes in all in and rests for the evening.

1000 Day one

Thett and Magic are long out of the dumpster and out on the streets. Thett and Magic are debating on where to stay the 'night' even though it was 9 hours in, it was 10 PM.

"Im telling you, Magic. We go to a good run-down place and set up there." Thett
"No, no! We gotta have a escape route." Magic
"We would!" Thett
"And where can we find this?" Magic
"...I never been in New York." Thett
"...How about a hotel?"Magic
"A hotel?" Thett
"Sure. We have $600 dollars together." Magic
"Oh fvck no. That sh!ts expensive. Why dont we just hole up in a closed up store or something?" Thett
"Well we have to try something." Magic
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12/8/2013 5:11:27 PM
Posted: 4 years ago
oh my god i was looking at my screen from the fouton and i thought this page was a wierd message
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12/8/2013 8:24:39 PM
Posted: 4 years ago
That sounds exactly like something I would do

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