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Candidate Interview With TUF

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12/8/2013 4:46:59 PM
Posted: 4 years ago
Thanks for doing this interview TUF. Generally Ore_ele does these interviews (and I'd like to thank other members who have taken it upon themselves) but I have agreed to since he'll have a lack of opportunity. So do your best to ignore the weirdness of the current president doing the interview.

1) What do you feel is the role of the DDO President?

To me the role of the president entails that of service, and improvement. Anyone can put in a effort to help out, but the president is more of a symbol that people can look to in assisting them with anything they may need help with. The title of "president" gives a member a certain standing to which members can seek out support, and look to for hope of change. I think the role of president goes beyond being a political face, smiling, and seeming pleasant. To me, what is most important is how far a president is willing to go to physically prove that they want what is best for the community.

I think the role of President goes beyond just asking juggle to help out. I think it entails convincing juggle to help out. Giving them a reason outside of it just being something the communities wants. This means outlining details in showing them how things will be effective to their goals as well as ours. The key area is problem solving, is to get working solutions that make both sides content. If one side is unwilling to work with the other, I think the president must use creativity and careful planning to fix the situation. For example if the juggle team didn't give permission to for certain updates, it would mean finding other ways to establish the effects of those updates without any special abilities, which I think is very possible. That combined with a persistent effort to convnice juggle, is important.

So in summary, the ultimate role I think the president has, is service, and how far he/she is willing to go to make things happen.

2) What are some of your major goals as DDO President?

The main reason I ran, is because lately I have seen the community suffering. I have been seeing and hearing distress with some of the direction in which the site has gone. There is a tangible dis-comfort with certain key things, and I knew I had the ability to change them. The problem I felt, was that as an average user, how much would people look towards assisting me, or even taking me seriously enough to make such changes? I saw the oppertunity to run in this election as a great way to accomplish the things I envisioned for, with the help of feedback from the community.

So the key things I have noticed complaints on, that I know I will impact most are as follows:

Voting- This is possibly the most important thing to me, because no matter how many things detract from debating, if there is an absence of voting, debating will slowly but surely get completely decimated. I am not about ready to allow that to happen. So my primary plans with this are to push motives for members to vote. While I plan on continuing the prized voting competitions as an incentive, I think it will take more than just that to get voting to where it needs to be. I think letting members know that their vote means something is also another way to help push for better voting. This means making good votes go noticed in a more public way, as an example to others, of what proper voting guidelines should be. I will give recognation to members who are exceptional in this area. Not only will this emphasize the feeling that there is an inherit benefit to voting, but it inspires others to want to meet the same expectations. I think from focusing more attention on voting, we will likewise get more people willing and wanting to debate. On the more technical side, I really like Larz's idea of vote ratings. And this is something I will definitely be working on with juggle. Upon this being implemented, I would like to structure the voting leaderboard around users that have the highest surplus of positively ranked votes.

Recognition- To kind of tie in with what I was saying above, I think recognition will be a key fundamental part of strengthening the community. I have current ideas of awarding members based on good conduct. Ideally I would like to push for updates that allow members to recieve awards from other members, that can be tacked onto their profile. Other members can then view achievements, and aspire to commit to being excellent in such areas as well. As a fallback to approval in this category, simply making threads that recognize members for such things can go a long way in inspiring the community, as seen in the past with airmax's efforts.

Prioritization reform- I want to work with juggle in getting more efforts placed on quality debating and voting, as opposed to the efforts we continuously see with polls and opinions. There are updates that can bring just as much acitivity to the site, that I think can be attributed to attracting members into debate. Most of the prominent members joined the site for good, healthy, hearty debate and discussion. Let's get prioritzation back onto those things. I have already heard of a great idea to modify the homepage to customize it and make it more attractive towards quality debates, and is something I am personally interested in looking into.

These are my three biggest goals as president, though I have many many others, that can be found in my platform.

3) I've been told the previous president was fairly popular, do you feel there is any challenge in following him?

There is always going to be a challenge is matching Airmax's popularity. Airmax is a great guy, and proved it by doing great things. It's a good thing I love a good challenge. I hope to match and even exceed his conduct and learn from his presidency as much as possible, as well as innomens, and Cody's before him.

4) What do you think of the current state of DDO?

I won't say that website is in ruins right now, as I think that largely depends on how someone chooses to view it. However, I think that there are changes that can only help the way this website is viewed by everyone. With that said, I agree that trolls, polls, opinions, and bad debates have been running rampant as of late and are taking a negative effect on the community. As part of the effected community, I see need for immedient change.

5) What areas do you feel are the most important to improve?

Appreciation, debates/voting, prioritization reform, updates based on member suggestions, and an environment where users can feel listened to, acknowledged, and cared about. I want to get rid of the feelings of neglect. I want to hear out every new idea, and look into the feasibility of putting it into play. I think all ideas are to be taken seriously, and feedback is the most important way in getting these improvements. Moderator
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12/8/2013 4:49:47 PM
Posted: 4 years ago
6) What role do you think you should play in assisting the site moderator?

The site moderator's primary job is to deal with reported members, dis-solving issues, and keeping things running smoothly. I think as a president, I have the ability to inlfuence the environment such that such disputes do not become a problem in the first place. As a president, I would be willing to help with member disputes by talking to both sides, establishing what the root of the problem is, and properly finding a working solution to both sides. However I think that setting a standard that such conduct is not appreciated is important as well. I think a community recognition of appropriate behavior would be important to stress with the way I handle appreciating members who do the opposite. Attack the root of "he problem, and set a deterrent going forward from there, such that members will be less inclined to make public disputes a common occurence.

7) What do you think distinguishes you from any of your opponents?

There are several things, that I think makes me a more prominent choice.

The first thing is the legwork I can put into making things happen. I think most of my supporters have seen what I have done in the past, which only makes my chances of making these things happen a lot more real to them. Even now as we are campaiging, there is a lot of behind the scenes work being done that, upon completion, will do wonders for proving that I am 100% committed to fulfilling the things I say I will fulfill. I am not saying that the other candidates won't put in effort, but taking platforms, and threads at face value, there isn't much in them that I feel shows members that they have the ability to do, or willingness to do these things.

I am not interested in moderator abilities. This is one thing that most candidates have mentioned in their platform, to either the extent of outright having them, or promising things that strictly require them. While my lack of intent of having moderator abilities extends beyond this, I think it is important to set an example to members that things are very easily possible to accomplish without them. I know some members look at that as a defining attribute of being a president, however I don't. Everything in my platform can be done without external forces, and requires only the support and feedback of the community. I think having moderator abilities will ultimately hinder the other candidates in the long run, as they won't be able to put as much time into what I feel are the more important things, while letting a seperate entity take care of the mod responsibilities.

The final thing I hope seperates me, is my experience with the community and the site. While the other candidates have been here for a decent amount of time too, I feel like I can relate and understand the community on a more personal level. I myself, take part in debating, voting, and the forums, all seriously. I have also grown with the community. While many of the members I started with are long gone, I have easily adapted to the changes, and seen things the way this community has seen things. My interests lie beyond my original purpose of joining the site now, entertainment. To me, serving my DDO friends is an un-distisquishable attribute that I have, that is unparalleled to anything any other candidate can bring to the table. Both my main opponents have many of their own values, and I don't think either would make a bad president. But if we were to weigh value based on how much good can come to the community, I ultimately think I have more motivation, and inspiration to actually make it happen.

8) Increasing voting on debates has been significant issue for awhile now, what are your plans on this issue?

Voting is my biggest campaign effort as outlined above. Without repeating myelf too much, my biggest plan is to work on getting motivation to actually vote, and I hope to accomplish that though several of the methods explained earlier. Of course, the ultimate goal of my platform is to accept ideas from other members and work them into my own efforts.

9) What special skills do you have that you believe will help you as DDO President?

Determination is my biggest attribute. I refuse to quit, and will stop at nothing to make things happen. While site updates have been a big part of my campaign due to development skills, I think it is important to know that over the past months, I have been learning these skills strictly because of I have spent hours and hours of my own personal time, learning things so I could one day apply them here. Originally that was my only goal in learning web development. Over the past month, my knowledge in certain areas has grown significantly, and I am ready to make a difference. Members have been asking for things like team debates for over 2 years now. It has been apparent that the time to put into such projects wasn't there. So I figured, well I not only have the time, but I also have the willingness to make it happen. The last step in the process was learning how to do it. So over the last few weeks I have been working on some pretty cool things. I have shown a lot of members a glimpse of some of these things, and am excited to work on applying them to the site. But the most important thing I think members should know, is why I earned these "skills". I did it because I saw a problem not being fixed, and rather than wanting to wait around for it to be fixed, I saw getting up off my butt and doing it myself as a better option. And that is what you can expect from me if elected.

10) If you become President, does this mean Airmax's status as the sites best mafia player will go unchallenged?

That largely will depend on whether drafterman, bluesteel, FourTrouble, Yraelz, Danielle, BlackVoid, and F-16_fighting_falcon start playing more mafia ;-)
But as president, I might not be able to spend as much time annihiliating you folks in that game if elected, which will ultimately means that airmax1227 will once again become a figure to be reckoned with ;-)

Thanks for your time TUF, and good luck on your campaign.

Do you have any final thoughts you would like to add before we conclude this interview?

Thankyou airmax :)

I just wanted to say thankyou to the Community, for all of the support so far. I know we can accomplish great things, and I am looking forward to a bright future on the website. Our predecessors have left great examples for us to follow, and we can only learn and grow from them. Change is coming! Moderator