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12/11/2013 1:38:41 AM
Posted: 4 years ago
I want to first point out that I am still undecided as to whom I am going to vote for at this point. Granted I am leaning slightly TUF for the time being

I think as a majority of people have already mentioned, this debate is about voting for or against tuf. That is a mindset that no one should vote with. We should elect the most qualified candidate for the job. There have been a good many factors that have caused this to happen, such as bobert withdrawing his support of his former running mate. From what I can tell a lot of people also feel that tuf is not fit for the position because they feel he is being over passionate and possibly has arrived at the point of flaming in certain arguments or discussions. People also feel that he may not act as a proper liaison between the DDO community and juggle.

The main thing I want to point out is that if you decide to vote, please do not vote against him for the sake of voting against him. While that may sound stupid in a way, there is a high probability some people will vote against him just because they do not like him personally. While bias plays a part in any election, I only ask that everyone take into account everything that he has done or tried to do for the site in the past.

Before he even decided to run he has

(1) Been an active and knowledgeable debater
(2) Has place hundreds of dollars out of his own pocket in a effort to increase the quality of voting in the sight
(3) Has been active in the forums and overall generally respectful to everyone whom has addressed him

I would also like to point out there is a fundamental difference in between being argumentative and passionate and flaming. It is possible to get heated without flaming (no pun intended). TUF at heart is a passionate debater, as most of us are. When you defend a position that you believe in, I am sure you would defend it with passion and put every effort into trying to be right in some situations. This is something we are all guilty of.

I am still null and not endorsing anyone at this point, but I genuinely believe if TUF is elected he will make a good president. He has always did events and made efforts with the goal of bettering the community. While communication is also a prime factor, his ideals are also something that we can not overlook. With cody as a backup to help give him advice and help his decision making, they really do have a strong ticket.

Whomever wins, whether it be Tuf/Cody or Bsh/Thett3 the ddo community has bright days ahead. Best of luck to everyone running.
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12/11/2013 5:24:20 AM
Posted: 4 years ago
As said to cermank, I appreciate your willingness to being open minded to the situation. You are a respectable member, no doubt.